What Is Rank Tracking?

Rank Tracking is still an essential part of any SEO strategy which helps to see the impact of SEO optimization. Rank tracking allows checking positions of your keywords that a website ranks for in search engine result pages in any search like Google, Bing or others.

Ways Rank Tracking Will Help Your Business

Rank tracking helps to solve all types of professional SEO tasks:

Analyze the progress of the current SEO strategy,
Check positions in desktop and mobile SERPs
Detect keywords that deliver traffic, revenue, and conversions over time,
Track website organic traffic,
Detect common trends in SEO,
Identify keywords that your competitor ranks for,
See the impact of SEO optimization on your website,
Receive professional SEO reports and advice for making SEO strategies better

Why Rank Tracking Is Important For SEO in 2023?

Despite a lot of updates from search engines rank tracking is still most KPIs in any SEO workflow. In other words – you see the real picture of how well the website stands on the market – which is the goal of SEO.

You will lose out on important inside information if you don’t analyze your site’s performance in search engines. As a result, if you don’t start to use rank tracking today, your competition will reach a better position at the top of the search engines but you will be at the same level.

Noxster SEO Los Angeles helps you to find out how to get the most out of rank tracking. Fortunately, there are a lot of different tools which help track your daily position in search engines and check where your keywords rank.

What Are The Best Rank Tracker Tools In 2023?

We often receive the question “What’s the best rank tracker in 2023?”. There are some things that all good rank tracker tools and platforms will do. It is the ease of use, the accuracy of data, and the comprehensive and powerful rank-tracking tools. Noxster SEO Company in Los Angeles has prepared a list of popular rank trackers. Check out the list and start implementing it into your business today.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a great SEO Rank Tracker that has SEO tools to track your positions in over 200 countries. If your company is international, it will be useful for you. Moreover, Moz Pro can identify the holes in your competitor’s SEO strategy and enables you to see where efforts should be focussed to achieve the greatest improvement.


SEMrush helps you to receive your rank tracker not only in search engines but even cover social media. SEMrush tracks your rankings and online ranking data, including metrics such as search volume and cost per click (CPC). In addition, there are a lot of useful SEO tools such as Competitor Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Site Audits, Traffic Analytics, Site Audits, etc.


Ahrefs is a specialty tool for SEO that gives your rank for specific keywords and makes compares them with the competition automatically. In addition, you can keep track of progress in real-time.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking allows tracking of YouTube placement, which makes this a great SEO tool for content creators. You can identify pages competing for the same keyword and fix the issues. SE Ranking’s SEO ranking software allows both analytics and auto-posting In addition, you receive support for both mobile and desktop rankings.


Serpstat is an SEO management platform that does only SEO. You also can receive worldwide rankings in addition to local rankings. The platform also provides additional tools like white-label, team management, and API access for advanced users.

Are Rank Trackers Free?

Mostly Rank Trackers are free, however, there is only a limit as to the functionality you can use. The trackers’ tools allow checking, for example, one competitor per project in the Free version or will check updates of up to 10 keywords. If you would like to get more SEO tools, there will be a charge. As a rule, Rank Trackers offers subscription packages for any budget. The average cost of rank trackers starts from an average of $50 per month for full-package SEO tools. You can pick a pricing plan which fits your needs best.

Can I do SEO Myself For My Website?

Sure. It is possible to do SEO independently, but it is better to trust the SEO specialists who will produce all the necessary work qualitatively and quickly. Any SEO Rank Trackers offers its users keyword research, search analytics, advertising analysis, content market creation, competitor research, rank tracking, market intelligence, audit, and API services, etc. The team at Noxster SEO will help you to get more clients from searches and make the right choice among the huge amount of rank trackers. Noxster SEO will make a full Site Audit and takes into account every factor location, goals, previous experience, and even the history of the company.