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Noxster K Facebook Advertising and Marketing Services

Facebook Advertising and Marketing Services

Grow your business by driving brand awareness, website traffic, social engagement, and leads from Facebook.

Better Brand

With over 1 billion active users worldwide — and many spending an hour or more a day on the site1 — the Facebook News Feed is prime online real estate for any business. With Facebook ads, you can reach the right audience on the right platform.

New, Engaged Prospects

Over 30% of Facebook users say they engage with ads they see in their desktop or mobile News Feed by liking the ads, leaving a comment, or sharing them with their network. This activity exposes your brand message to more people than ever before – without the extra cost.

Trackable Traffic & Leads

Generating leads like calls, online form fills, and in-store visits is instrumental to growing your
business. And Facebook can deliver, with plenty of advertising programs dedicated to getting
more people to your business and tracking the results.

Focus On Your Business

You focus on your business, while we, the leading Social Media Marketing Agency and our certified experts focus on your Facebook ads. Unmatched Expertise Rely on our team of experts certified in Facebook’s Blueprint program who monitor your campaign daily and make ongoing adjustments to improve performance. A Personalized Plan Get a tailored Facebook advertising strategy that meets your business objectives and works with your existing marketing efforts to grow your business. Superior Audience Targeting Pinpoint the right Facebook users based on location, demographics, interests, online behaviours and even reach specific users like website visitors or email contacts. Engage your audience when they’re using Facebook on their computers and mobile devices, and even expand your reach to Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network. Leads, Not Likes Get more leads with unique programs that drive website visits and leads delivered directly to your inbox.