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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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SEO Strategy

If you use the web for business, (and who doesn’t these days?), you’ve probably even considered incorporating it into your site. You know it’s important but maybe you’re not sure why. Or even if it’s worth all the investment, ‘won’t Google just find my site eventually?’ Well, sure it will, but just throwing a website onto the Internet and hoping for the best probably isn’t the best SEO strategy. And if you’re like most business people you don’t have time to waste on uncertainty and chances. You want results, so sooner or later you’ll find yourself wanting to optimize your site to improve your rankings.

Why Do you need a SEO Strategy?

n its most simplistic form, SEO is the practice of optimizing a website so that search engines will understand your site’s relevance to the search term.seo strategy The greater the relevance the higher your site will appear in the natural (unpaid) listings. When you take an in depth look at SEO there’s all kinds of variables that factor into it. Everything from HTML code, cross-linking, content strategy, meta tags, canonical links, to the use of iframes even flash or JavaScript – and all of this has a direct impact on your site’s SEO. SEO is evolving so it is probably intimidating. Sometimes even a SEO Company struggles to understand why Google made a update. One thing most people who are new to SEO have a hard time grasping is that SEO isn’t static; a good SEO strategy will require weekly or even daily maintenance. Increasing the number of keywords on your homepage will help Google understand your site relevance, but that doesn’t mean that your site will rank higher. Without having a strong team of knowledgeable SEO experts on your side to guide you, your site will only see a sliver of its true potential. SEO experts, like the talented team at Noxster, make it their job to keep up-to-date with all the changes in the industry. Perhaps you heard about a little thing called ‘Panda Update’. Panda was an algorithm update that Google launched in 2011. Panda was meant to curb the abuses some sites were engaging in that manipulated rankings. And while the Panda update did make positive changes and corrected the bad behavior of some unscrupulous sites, there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of sites that were also targeted for no reason other than they didn’t understand the algorithm change and failed to adjust their SEO practices. Don’t let this happen to you!

Content Creation for your Online Marketing Strategy

Most likely improving your SEO will include adjusting your content. Our talented writers have years of composing keyword rich, relevant content. Have you ever seen a page that just goes on and on never seeming to make a point but is stuffed with keywords? That kind of strategy could end up hurting your rankings. When our writers take on a project they write for the reader, not the search engine. As Google improves its algorithms it’s getting easier for them to spot ‘keyword stuffing’. And that means that all those meaningless pages stuffed with keywords will eventually damage a site’s natural organic rankings. Duplicate content is bad. Let me repeat, duplicate content is bad. As part of our writing package we’ll review your content for any duplications and quickly, but kindly remove or change it. See, a while ago some sleazy SEOs thought they had found the golden ticket to rankings: ‘if we just repeat a keyword enough Search engines will think that we’re the ultimate source for that information and rank us first!’ Well, it didn’t take too long for search engines to catch onto what was happening and penalize those sites. As a result sites today are held in strict accordance with a zero tolerance policy in regards to duplicate content. Of course skilled writers can pretty much say the same thing many times but make it appear that you’re saying something unique. That’s why choosing a company like Noxster is so important – you get the best of best. Content, content, content. The phrase ‘content is king’ still holds true today. You’ll need an ever evolving and changing content strategy to successfully increase your site’s footprint. We can help with that. By creating a flexible strategy that allows room to grow your site will continue to spread and search engines will recognize and reward your influence with a higher page rank. In the end it’s critical that your site employs a solid SEO strategy to improve rankings. By combining a multi faceted approach your site will be soaring to new heights. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cheat the search engines with unscrupulous techniques – you won’t succeed. The best sure fire way of getting the most out of your site is to trust a team like Noxster. They’re passionate about SEO and you’ll be amazed at the results!