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We would request you to answer the following questions to help us know your requirements better. This would help us design and develop a website that will successfully achieve your objectives. Please feel free to jot down any points, suggestions or inquiries you feel will help us serve you better.


Your name & contact details:






1. Do you currently have a website?*

If "Yes", please mention the URL

2. What is the main purpose or objective behind developing this website and what would you want the user of the website to do? (Please tick the most appropriate options)
Learn more about your business or organizationHire you for the services you offerSelect and Buy your product(s)Get employment in your organizationFurther interact with youFor some other reason (Please specify)

If "Other", please explain

3. What industry do you operate in?

4. What do you provide to your customers? Please tick the most appropriate option.
ProductsServicesBoth Products & ServicesAccess to a Community

5. Who is your Target Audience? Please tick the most appropriate option.
IndividualsBusinesses / OrganizationsBoth Individuals & OrganizationsOther

If "Other", please state


1. Do you have any kind of branding material / identity? (For e.g. A Brochure that you are currently using) Could you provide us with a soft copy of this, if possible?
[radio* company-branding "Yes" "No"]

2. Please list down some sites that you find appealing in terms of the design and layout. Please note these websites may not necessarily be from your industry. Also, if you could highlight the components of these web pages which you relate to the most.

Reference URL'sHighlights

3. Also, if you could list some sites of your competition. This would give us a good understanding of how you would need to display your products, information and/or services.

Competitor URL'sWhat you Like / Dislike

4. What are the predominant color(s) you would want on your website?

5. Do you have a logo already created? If so can you please send it with this document?

6. Do you have Imagery or stock photos of your business, staff or product?

*If no, we will have to use stock imagery, which may incur additional costs. Please discuss this with you project manager.*

7. If you already have a website and want to re-design your site, what are the things you dislike about your current site in terms of the aesthetics?

8. What would you want your website ‘look and feel’ to be? (Select multiple options if you wish)
TraditionalFormalCorporateContemporaryCasualPersonalCutting EdgeSeriousFriendly

9. Homepage elements: Please select the items below you would like to include on your home page.
Photo GalleryBannersVideosSearch SectionQuick LinksMain TextAnimationTagline, LogoSecondary TextLogin SectionNews SectionFeatured SectionsPolls / SurveysProduct ListingsNewsletter Signup

10. Would you be providing the content for the website?
YesNoWill provide reference material and the content would need to be further developed

11. Could you please give us an idea on the number of pages you require or would have on the website? An approximate number also would be good to know.


1. Please select from below the functionalities you would require on the website. You could also mention and describe additional functionalities that you may require by attaching separate documents to this questionnaire.
Contact FormEmail Auto RespondersSite SearchMembers AreaContent Management System (CMS)Message BoardPayment GatewayE Commerce EngineBooking EngineOthers (Please specify in case you require any Customized Applications)

In case you have selected the CMS option above, could you give us an idea about how many sections on the website would need to be managed through this?

2. Do you have any preference of Technology and Database?*
YesNo. Would leave it to Noxster to decide

If yes, please specify your preferences

3. Do you want to use any off –the-Shelf software or technologies (like Ecommerce Engines or CMS)?
YesNo. Would leave it to Noxster to propose, if suggested

If yes, please specify which one(s)


1. Who will make final decisions / give approvals as far as this project is concerned? Will it be a single point of contact or would need to be passed by more people?

2. Are there any sections on the website that need to be updated by you often?

If yes, please specify the nature of content (i.e. text, images, video, documents etc.)

3. Do you have a deadline for getting this website online? Please tick the most appropriate option.

If you answered yes, what is your deadline date? If you answered no, what date is your preferred date?

4. Do you have the proposed site map ready?

If Yes, kindly attach it along with this document
If No, could you please give us an approximate idea of the number of pages?


1. Do you have a domain name booked for the website?

2. Have you decided on where to host the website, or would you want us to take care of the hosting as well?
YesNo. I would want Noxster to host the site

If yes, please provide the name of the hosting company

3. Do you plan to maintain and update your website on your own?
YesNoMaybe, I am interested in having Noxster manage updates

4. Would you be looking at promoting your website on search engines?
YesRight awaySubsequentlyNot thought of it yetNo

5. Budget for this project? (Please tick the most appropriate options)


Please use the space below to jot down any other inputs that you may want to share with us and were not able to cover in the questions above?

File attachment / upload

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