With just four months left in 2015, it is time to look at SEO strategies that search engine optimization experts are anticipating will be big in 2016. Digital marketing agencies are busy looking into search engine optimization strategies that will carry their clients into the future – and ensure them a place at the top of the search engine rankings. That means going beyond what has worked in the past and developing new strategies for links, keywords, content, and conversions.

SEO-Strategy-MapHere are some new strategies to take you into 2015, brought to you by Noxster, a Los Angeles SEO company that provides digital marketing Los Angeles’ biggest names rely on to get solid SEO results. Noxster also works with companies, large and small, nationwide to help them develop highly successful SEO strategies and get a major return on investment.

Make Social Media Matter: An SEO campaign lacking a social media presence is not a complete digital strategy. Just as backlinks raise your domain authority and rankings, so does posting content on social media. The more that an audience interacts with your content, the more your domain authority and rankings improve. Google now allows non-Google social media platforms to be featured on its search engine results pages (SERPs) and that means you need a search engine optimization plan that includes social media to be truly successful.

Make Sure You’re Mobile: Mobile-friendly content and websites are so important for 2016. With the share of smartphones at 77 percent of the US mobile market, more people are using their mobile devices to search for online content. Mobile Internet activity now stands at over 30 percent of all Internet traffic. Recognizing these changes, Google has taken the step of tagging sites on its SERPs as “mobile-friendly” and the click rates and engagement for sites tagged specifically as mobile friendly are much higher. If you haven’t already, it is time to switch to a mobile-responsive design.

Create a Safe Browsing Space:  With the recent increase in large-scale data breaches, security is a top priority for most digital conversations. In a move toward a safer browsing experience for all of its users, Google announced that it is using HTTPS as a definite ranking signal.  HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is a secure technology for transferring data between your site and the Web server, with an additional layer of encryption called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to make data transfer extra secure. Remember that you must ensure that your SEO-related content stays intact when migrating your site from HTTP site to HTTPS.

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Focus on the Context of a Search:  A really smart SEO strategy approaches keyword research from the perspective of search intent. Simply put: when developing a search engine optimization strategy, think like a user and promote what they would be searching for.

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