Let’s analyze what are some of the perks of hiring a search engine optimization company vs an in house  SEO specialist.

When you hire a SEO Company or Online Advertising agency like Noxster, you get a team of professionals who collaborate on your project at one time. If you hire a SEO specialist you hire an individual who is good at one facet of SEO, which hinders your ability to get optimal rankings.

And let’s face it; your SEO specialist will end up being more expensive. Looking at it from a purely Financial Perspective, even if your in house seo expert works only 10 hours a week at $25 an hour you can already sign up for our base campaign that puts a team  of 3 people on your account.

If Company ABC hires an “in house” SEO Specialist it usually means that you are going to have to pay that person a full time salary. You are responsible for their health care, liability of injury, and other liabilities involved within bringing on an employee.

If that employee doesn’t pan out you are also liable to pay for their unemployment. Now can you only imagine if they are unemployed AND they didn’t deliver the results you desired? If they don’t get your company the desired rankings your company has lost on two investments, the money spent, and the time lost.  And in SEO time can be more valuable than money.

For the same cost invested it the right Online Marketing Company, you don’t absorb the financial burden of unemployment or wasted time with unsuccessful results. Working with an SEO company also gives you access to a team of creative professionals who can service your website in a magnitude of ways.

There is only so much one person can be good at. It is very rare that a in house SEO guru specializes in coding, programming, web design, a/b testing, graphic design, copywriting, blogging, social media, article writing, press releases,  and be able to acquire quality backlinks.

When employing a SEO company you will get a team of professionals who choose a career path with those specialties. Not only do you get to work with career driven people, we offer month to month contracts, and your budget will get a taste of each SEO aspect.

So don’t put your company at risk of another unemployment case, or working with 1 specialist who can only do so much, and it’s time to consider a SEO Company that offers Full Online Marketing Solutions.