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Ranking Factors For Search Engine Optimization

What Influences Rankings?

It’s well known that there are over 200 factors that affects how your website is placed within the respected search engines. While no SEO Company can correctly alter all 200 SEO factors there are 5 primary elements that our SEO services focus on: each of these has sub factors and weights within all three search engines algorithm. These SEO factors include: Content – We help you develop a strong content development strategy. The more content you have within your website the more information Google can pull from your website to make index you for keywords. Images are also important factors when building out content. The more photos and videos you have to support your content the better chance more positively Google views your website. Most search engine will not rank a website high for queries that do not include text from the query on the page. With all the Google updates search is placing more importance than ever on unique content.  Make sure your website has the 5% keyword density not only on a page but have that word mentioned throughout your website. Code – Coding doesn’t mean SEO Companies just go and place a keyword in a description. Obviously SEO is more complex than that. Coding is an optimization processes that encompasses many factors including Meta tags, descriptions, alt-texts, website accessibility, positioning of code, keyword placement, and pointing Google to follow a certain path. meta data Website Structure – This is important for 2 reasons. First, it’s important that your website is being indexed, and second, is the manner in which pages link together. Building relevance throughout your website is crucial. simple website wire-frame Offsite Popularity – Other companies commonly refer to this as “link building” or “off site optimization. The more link you have pointing towards your website the more popular your website is going to rank. If your website does not have a competitive link popularity Google is going to assume you are not good at the service or products you provide. Social Platforms – Social media is now having an affect on your rankings. As social networks continue to grow you can bet they will play a more important factor in search. The chart below is an example from a survey of SEO experts ranking the most important search engine ranking factors.

SEO Ranking Factor Strategy

A good SEO Company will properly implement all of these factors into a SEO strategy. When the content on the website correlates with the coding and offsite popularity online you will successfully rank on top of the search engines for major keywords. As your page authority continually increases your SEO visibility and traffic will sky rocket.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Being found for keywords that get zero searches is pointless and waste of budget. To get the highest ROI from your SEO strategy you must successfully choose keywords that will drive your search engine optimization marketing strategy. If you are looking to make a positive impact on your sites rankings combine a keyword list that outlines your short term goals and long term vision. Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing and have a keyword density around 5%.

SEO Keyword Placement

It is not always best to go after the biggest keywords within your industry right away. You will find that those are usually the hardest to rank for and need the biggest budget. Your primary keywords should be incorporated within all areas of your website as well as 2nd tier phrases. This means you theme your website around the biggest keyword while your interior pages have a consistent theme for the longer tail services that you provide. Theming your website properly is a great SEO strategy that will increase your SEO rankings. Various elements that you should incorporate your keywords include your title tags, anchor texts, H1, H2, H3 headers as well as accessibility attributes.

Proper SEO Keyword Density

Just because you mention 100x in a 200-word paragraph doesn’t mean Google is going to rank you as the top SEO Company. Keyword density is a very important element but it has to be done in a natural setting. It is common belief that a density of 5% is the norm and what Google likes to see, while secondary keywords need to only have 2%. You do not want to keyword stuff, hide, or try and trick the search engines or else you will get penalized for that keyword. Web pages with 15% or higher for a keyword is usually considered malicious in the eyes of the search engines. Be very careful to not over optimize your website.

Choosing Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

It is usually really smart before you design a website or theme it that you do your keyword research to see how users are typing your services in online to find you. If you identify these early, you can optimize your website to place these keywords within your site. This part of search engine optimization is critical, and will greatly affect you. Decide on 10-15 keywords to start. When keeping these phrases in mind you will better optimize your website. For our industry it’s a no brainer that you want to target: SEO Company, SEO services, and search engine optimization, then including the regions as secondary keywords. Offsite Popularity is the most important SEO Factor yet the hardest to control.

How does link building help your SEO Campaign?

Linking is so important that Sergey Brin and Larry Page outline link building in their doctoral theses “The Anatomy of Search” at Stanford University. It is important to understand that links coming from 3rd party websites are driving factor that alerts Google that you are relevant for a phrase or service. Generating links online is one of the hardest facets of search engine optimization and is the most time consuming. Not only is it important you have a link but the link is properly anchor text with the phrase that your company services. Anchor text of internal links is not as important as that of inbound links

Anchor Text is Vital

Anchor Text linking internally is important but not as important as generating other websites to anchor text a link towards your website. The more quality links you have pointing towards your website the higher your rankings will be within the search engine. Creating this link popularity takes a ton of time and effort and is one of the biggest reasons companies outsourcing the SEO work to SEO Companies. By creating quality content is the best way to naturally acquire inbound links. For this reason alone is why we incorporate a solid content development strategy. Once that content is developed it is SEO best practices to place that content on your social media platforms to make it go viral.

Linking Increase your Relevance within your Industry

You don’t want to many links to be anchor text  with one keyword. If you do that Google will find it to be very suspicious and hit you with the over optimization penalty that was just recently released.  With that being said the anchor text of inbound links is still the single most important factor in search engine optimization.  No two links are treated equally. If the external link pointing towards your website is coming from the White House for example, Google views that as a million times more valuable than a link coming from an individuals blog. Links from sites similar to yours is also a good SEO strategy but is tough to implement. It is very rare that a competitor or vendor is going to put a link on their website.

Generate Quality Links

That is why you are best off trying to generate a ton of high quality links from friends and acquaintances on the web. We incorporate a 3 way linking strategy that allow you to get high quality links from 3rd party websites. We also own and operate over four thousand websites and domains that we are able to link towards your website. When you are trying to acquire new links without the help of a SEO Company the rule of thumb to remember is that the easier links is to obtain, the less that link will help your search rankings. Going to a blog or forum is less valuable than a link from a website. These links are harder to generate, so having them tie to your site increase your websites authority and rankings. You have to be careful for link spamming or submitting your website to directories that are not relevant within your industry. While directories can help give you a slight boost to your rankings they don’t always stick which means you spends hours and hours trying to get them to approve one link that wont significantly increase your ranking. You also want to consider how many out bound links a website has that is linked towards your page. There is only so much link juice a website can pass.

Onsite Tags Can Help Rankings

Creating unique tags throughout your website can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. The description you utilize within the meta tags can be significant if you use them properly. Doing this correctly will certainly help you with SEO and enticing your visitors to visit your website. Take the time to analyze every word, and it could impact whether the user visits your website or goes to a competitor. It is very important to describe in your description the service or good you provide and why they should click on you. This description must contain keywords that should be a certain length so make sure they are not to short or too long. For the best SEO strategy place the keywords in front of the description. While search engine optimization and SEO is not rocket science you have to be careful not to stuff keywords within these descriptions for the sake of ranking. If you are confused and don’t know the proper way to implement this strategy it’s a safe bet you need the help from the best SEO company Noxster!