SEO is an important element of any online business. When your site ranks at the top of search results, your content is visible and searchable, and has the most excellent chance of attracting new qualified visitors and ultimately, customers. 

SEO is a notoriously complex process, so which SEO activities really bring results? There are many ways to do this, but using the right SEO tools is key.. SEO tools offer a variety of functions, from sending website status reports to monitoring and tracking your competitors’ marketing strategies. SEO tools save time, replace monotonous manual tasks and show new ways of growing your online footprint.

At Noxster, a leading SEO agency in Los Angeles, we are always on the lookout for new SEO tools that could make our work even more effective and help our clients’ websites rank at the top of search results. We are constantly evaluating SEO tools, to bring you our favorites. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and embrace innovative avenues for growth that you never even imagined.

What are The Most Important Technical Things in SEO?

Technical SEO optimization implies a set of measures that will improve the interaction of the site with search engine algorithms. Technical SEO is necessary for search engines to properly understand and index your website.

In order for a site to rank high in search results, it is not enough to have high-quality content filled with keywords and anchor links, and relevant to search engine queries.: Mastering the key elements that constitute technical optimization is crucial for your website’s success. These elements are:

  • scanning;
  • indexing;
  • visualization;
  • the structure of the site.

Bringing these indicators to perfection will improve the quality and speed of scanning and indexing of site pages by search engines, improve user experience, and increase conversions and the credibility of the site.

Which Tools Do You Use for Technical SEO?

SEO tools are indispensable both when conducting an audit and when creating links, analyzing keywords, tracking website traffic or monitoring competition.

There are many free tools to facilitate certain stages of SEO audit. There are also paid options that, thanks to advanced features, allow for detailed analysis.

At the beginning of your SEO adventure, it may turn out that free tools are enough for a full-fledged audit. However, if you are launching more and more complex projects, it may turn out that paid solutions will be the best choice for you. Of course, SEO tools should always be selected according to individual needs. 

What Are The Best SEO Tools for Agencies?

  1. Google Search Console – a free tool from Google used to manage page results in the Google search engine.
  2. Google Trends – a free tool from Google. You will find out what phrases and topics users from all over the world are looking for at certain times of the year. With access to Google Analytics, you will be aware of the trends of popular keywords in your industry.
  3. PageSpeed ​​Insights – a public tool from Google to measure the performance of websites on mobile devices and computers. This tool shows the page load time of the site, as well as specific recommendations for improving the page load of each page on mobile and desktop devices4. MOZ – Moz is regarded as one of the best SEO tools. Its advantage is that it allows you to access a variety of relevant information resources, regardless of whether you need keyword suggestions or website analytics. Although Google’s algorithms change all the time, with Moz you don’t have to worry about outdated information.
  4. Marketing Miner – an SEO tool for all marketers working with data. Get valuable information with over 40 features to dramatically boost your site’s ranking.
  5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – it is considered the fastest scanner (a program used for automatic analysis of page content). This allows you to carefully study the structure of the website with respect to all the most important SEO parameters on the site. This tool can be downloaded in the desktop version.
  6. Ubersuggest – a web application developed by Neil Patel. Its most extensive function is keyword analysis and trend monitoring, so it can be used daily as a tool supporting search engine optimization activities.
  7. Ahrefs – one of the most recommended paid SEO tools for a comprehensive audit. The tool indicates exactly which parts of the site need improvement. It also allows you to scan subpages to give an overall assessment of the state of the site in terms of SEO. Here you can find visualizations of key data making the analysis transparent and easy to understand.
  8. SEO Surfer – an application created in Poland that provides instant analysis of the top 10 positions in Google. This paid tool supports site optimization in terms of positioning and allows you to conduct a quick audit. It also provides statistics on the positions of your keywords in regular search results. In addition, it includes modules for creating and editing content, which greatly simplifies the work with text from the point of view of SEO.
  9. SEMRush. Many SEO specialists use this comprehensive tool. It allows you to analyze all the main parameters of the site quickly. You can also track the ranking in the search and its changes here, create custom dashboards and integrate third-party tools such as Google Analytics

Which Technical SEO Tool Should I Choose For My Agency?

Depending on your needs and goals, each tool may be the best for you. For beginners, we recommend using the completely free Google Search Console and Google Trends (which you will get access to by creating a Google Ads account).

It’s worth remembering that most of the tools mentioned above can be used for a limited time for free. This is a great option to test each of them and find the perfect pair for you.

If you need help selecting an SEO tool, interpreting your findings, or putting together a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website, contact Noxster SEO. We will be happy to offer a complimentary SEO audit and consultation.