SEO Trends in 2023

The new 2023 year is coming. We are sure that it will offer new interesting challenges. It will be impossible to just sit back calmly and see how the digital market will develop under the influence of geopolitical and economic uncertainty. In order to continue to grow, business leaders should think over the focuses and activities for the next year right now. In this article you will know about the trends in SEO, which, in our opinion, will increase in 2023.


The First SEO Trend in 2023 – Expert, Voluminous and High-quality Content

As you are interested in SEO trends in 2023, you definitely know that content has always been important and is the basis not only of indexing and ranking, but it is also the reason why users go to search engines. It gives answers to questions, solves problems, and helps with the choice. Search engines understand and evaluate the usefulness of content better every year. Content should  be created not for search engines and robots, but for real people.

If you want your website to rank at the top of Google of page 1 of search results, content on the page must also comply with the principle of “EAT” (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). The quality of the text is now valued higher than the number of keywords. It’s the first SEO trend that we will notice in 2023.


Behavioral Factors and User Focus as the Second SEO Trend in 2023

The main task of any site is to involve the user in interacting: reading useful content, navigating through products, sending applications, etc. Not only the content (as we discussed earlier), but also the site as a whole should be directed to the needs of the user. These indicators will  work only in tandem: if the site is inconvenient, then a user may not read a cool selling article or even buy something. Latest updates of Google enhance the effect of the user experience. You should know this SEO trend 2023 and make sure your site complies with the latest user experience guidelines. One easy step you can take is to use the free PageSpeed Insights tool to analyze and score your website’s user experience. Some of the top user experience metrics include:

  • Page Load Time
  • Average Time On Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Number of Pages Viewed Per Visit

Google is aware of the user experience score on your website. A poor user experience may result in lower organic rankings and less traffic. Be sure that your website is easy and quick to navigate in 2023.

Reviews – the Third SEO Trend in 2023

Reviews are proof of existence of a company and the quality of its products or services. Therefore, search engines are beginning to give preference to resources that are present on maps and sites for collecting reviews. But being present is only part of the job. It is important to monitor the company’s reputation and rating on all sites where it is represented, give feedback to users who have left reviews, and process negative reviews. So, reviews must be considered in 2023 as one of the SEO trends in 2023.

The bare minimum for any local business is to be placed in Google My Business. All information about the company should be kept up-to-date on the site: address, phone number, description, contacts, products/services, news.

An additional plus for the site according to the new SEO 2023 trends will be the availability of product reviews directly in the product card on the site. In this case, if there is a micro markup on the reviews, then the product rating will be displayed directly in the search engine results. And the natural use of keywords in the texts of reviews will be an additional positive factor in the ranking of the page by search engines.


The Fourth SEO Trend in 2023 – Quality of Backlinks

Do not underestimate backlinks, one of the oldest principles of SEO. This is still an important parameter for ranking a site in search results. Incoming links send a signal to search engines about the good quality of the site. We see that the influence of the quality of links on the ranking results of the site is becoming stronger. Now, choosing between 10 links from low domain authority sites and 1 from a well-known and popular site, it is worth giving preference to the second option. All in all, consider it in 2023 as one of the SEO trends.

Other good ways:

  • Outreach — establishing contacts with webmasters and site owners to host content with links. This method differs from others in its “humanity”. Communications are built between people on mutually beneficial terms.
  • Crowd marketing is the creation of profiles on sites for reviews and forums in order to respond to other users from these accounts. It is necessary to advise your products, work out objections, give answers to questions, and most importantly — link to your website while answering.
  • Multilevel link building is a method in which links are conditionally divided by levels of significance. The better the resource on which the link is placed, the more significant it is. First, a link of the 1st level (the most significant) is placed on the promoted site, after another link is placed on the site with this link, but already of the 2nd level (less significant). The essence of the method is that little-significant links, as the sites on which they are placed develop, will gain weight and transfer it to the sites to which they direct users.

Of course, the number of SEO trends is only increasing every day, and it is impossible to take everything into account. But if you want to boost your digital activities, make sure you’re up to date with the latest digital trends in 2023.


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