Best Practices for Video SEO

& YouTube

By: Lana Goldenberg,

YouTube is a strong potential source of exposure for your brand, new eyeballs, and authority links to your website.

As a Google property, YouTube is an authority site. It also has its own search engine (think of it as a mini Google), so it’s important to be strategic about video titles and descriptions when uploading your videos. YouTube videos also show up in Google search results, along with websites, images, and other formats.

For making the YouTube channel SEO-friendly, here are some best practices:

Integrate SEO keywords in the channel description, as well as each video title and description (YouTube provides quite a bit of room in both areas). Each YouTube video is, essentially, an ad for your business. Make sure the channel description, as well as each video link back to your domain. Make sure your branded YouTube channel is linked from your website. Check YouTube Analytics for keywords, which may be different from your website keywords. From the main Analytics screen, click Traffic Sources -> YouTube Search. You will then see a list of search terms (keywords) that have brought viewers to your videos.

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