SEO – Factors to Consider

You’re already behind if you’re asking yourself whether you need to concern yourself with SEO. You need search engine optimization to stay competitive if your business is conducted online. Even if you own a traditional business with mostly walk-in customers, you’re probably passing up significant revenue if you ignore your online presence, as most of today’s shoppers check online even before doing business in traditional stores and shops.


So, assuming you already know that it’s important to use the best SEO techniques available to you, what are some factors to consider?

SEO Factors 1: In House or Hire an SEO Consulting Company

Perhaps the biggest decision when it comes to SEO – like many other aspects of business – is whether to handle it yourself (or have an employee do it) or to outsource it. While anyone can pick up some basic SEO tips by surfing the Web and watching an SEO tutorial or two, most companies find that they get better, more consistent results when they use SEO services Los Angeles like Noxster.
A good SEO consulting company provides a lot more than just an SEO audit and SEO copywriting – SEO blogs, landing pages, articles, etc. The better SEO companies LA will take a long look at your business and offer SEO strategies tailor made for you – strategies that consider your goals, your market (and potential markets you may not have considered) and how best to address those with both your website and other SEO strategies like content marketing (SEO blogs published on other sites, article marketing, landing pages, etc.) and social media marketing.

SEO Factors 2: Consider Your Market – Do You Need Local SEO?

Who is your potential customer? The guy down the street or someone around the world? When you consider how to handle Internet marketing optimization, it matters. You can follow an SEO checklist from the best SEO tutorial in the world, but if your goal is to sell widgets in your city, the guy with great local SEO Los Angeles will beat you out every time. Likewise, you can have localized SEO down to a T, but that won’t help you compete in the more general national and global markets.

Do you need local SEO? Do you need an SEO strategy that targets a more global audience? Would it help to have both? You need to consider all of that when determining your SEO strategies.

SEO Factors 3: How Much SEO Copywriting is Enough?

Companies make two major mistakes when it comes to publishing SEO blogs, articles and other optimized content. The first (and most common) is not publishing enough. The second is publishing too much (especially if it’s not really good on page SEO content). The optimum amount varies somewhat depending on your market, but the bottom line is that you want to produce enough content that you continue to occupy spots near the top of the search engines but not so much (or so much that’s similar to the rest of your content) that the search engine algorithms figure that you’re putting up duplicate material. It can admittedly be a bit of a tightline and having an SEO consulting company that’s familiar with SEO best practices can be a significant help determining how much content to publish.