Is Your Keyword Strategy Out of Date?

One of the most common issues that we run into when we perform an SEO audit for clients is out of date keyword strategy. Many companies are using online marketing strategies that include SEO techniques that have long since run their course and outlived their usefulness. The online world has moved on while these businesses are using an SEO checklist that went the way of the dinosaur years ago.

Keyword StrategyFinding the Right SEO Keyword Strategy

So, how do you know if your keyword strategy is out of date? It hinges on the basic question: “How does SEO work?” And believe it or not, the answer is not the same as it was just a couple of years ago.

For starters, your keyword strategy is probably out of date if you’re concerning yourself with keyword density percentages. Seriously, there was a time when it was important to keep track of your keyword density. But then, there was a time when parachute pants were all the rage. Fortunately, both are a distant memory.

The Changing Face of SEO Strategy

Here’s what happened and why keyword density isn’t such a big deal in keyword strategy anymore. Some really smart folks at Google figured out that a lot of websites were gaming the system by using SEO copywriting designed to help their sites rank ahead of others. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing (we’re one of the premier Los Angeles SEO companies and we’re all for optimization). When it became a bad thing is when unscrupulous SEO companies started stuffing websites with keywords to the point that the onsite SEO pages read like nonsense.

That annoyed users (seriously, it was a bad idea doomed to produce very little ROI even before Google found a way to punish it) and it made it hard for legitimate companies to compete. It’s not that Google objected to companies using SEO best practices; quite the opposite. They wanted the companies that offered valuable information while still using sound keyword strategy to come out on top.

LA’s Best SEO Company

It took them a while, but they figured out an algorithm that weed out the keyword stuffers (most of the time, anyway) and rewards those who have relevant content that readers actually want. But get this, that does not mean that you can’t still tilt the board in your favor using SEO keywords. It just means that you need to know how to use them in what’s called organic search engine optimization.

Fortunately for everyone – you and web surfers everywhere – this type of SEO strategy favors quality writing and content. There are still some SEO tips that can help and it’s still important to have the right SEO strategy, but at least you don’t need to make your website read like keyword-stuffed nonsense to rank at or near the top anymore.

So, if your keyword strategy is out of date, how do you get caught up? You could watch an SEO tutorial, but how do you know if that’s up to date (the SEO best practices change fairly frequently as they tweak their algorithms). The best bet is to have an SEO audit from NOXSTER SEO company. We are tops among Los Angeles SEO services and can help you get your page rankings back near the top where they belong.