seo-process-questionsMost business owners require a strong online presence to stay ahead of competition and make their business visible to a client-base that turns to Google for most of their consumer research. There’s no disputing that being on top of the search engines will help your business – so why are so many companies afraid of using search engine optimization tactics to help them get ahead? The simple answer: most businesses do not understand exactly how search engine optimization works, so they are afraid to make an investment in SEO. Here’s an informative look at search engine optimization that will help you answer the question “What is SEO?”

What is Search Engine Optimization?

So what is search engine optimization exactly? The concept seems complicated, but the answer is really quite simple. Understanding what SEO means will make you more comfortable with your decision to invest in digital marketing services.  SEO is simply the process of letting the search engines know what your content is about.  There are a lot of technical search engine optimization strategies that go into an SEO campaign, but those are handled by an expert digital marketing agency. In order to improve search engine rankings, you have to frequently place high-quality content online, so Google and other major search engines can find this relevant content and rank it. Content is typically written by a skilled SEO writer, with experience on what is needed to improve search engine ranking. Within this content, a digital marketing agency will add targeted keywords that are closely related to your business. For example, if you own a florist shop in Laguna Beach, you would consider targeted keywords and phrases such as “Laguna Beach florist” or “wedding florist Laguna Beach” or “Laguna Beach flower delivery”. In addition to finding the right keywords, the second key piece is that content is written to be informative and entertaining. Skilled SEO writers at a digital marketing agency can create SEO- friendly copy that seamlessly weaves your keywords into content that Google will rank highly.

Finding the Best SEO Company

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