Long before the average business – much less the average consumer – even had a personal computer, REO Speedwagon sang, “I will be here when you are ready to roll with the changes…” Today, businesses need the best SEO strategies that they can roll with.

Anyone Can Learn SEO Basics, but…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn the basics of search engine optimization. Just about anyone can watch an SEO tutorial (as long as it’s up to date) and get the basic idea. So, businesses can and should do their own SEO copywriting and web design, right?
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Not necessarily. In fact, usually, no.

Why not? There are lots of really good reasons to bring experts in for SEO consulting and to handle your LA SEO services, but here are the main ones:Noxster-google-algorithm-changes- (1)

  • The rules they are ‘a changin’.If you were an SEO expert at the top of the game two years ago, very little that you knew is worth a hill of beans in putting together the organic search engine optimization that will help you rank well with the search engines now. The algorithms have completely changed. And they will continue to change periodically.
  • It takes time away from running your business. Unless you are able to devote full time to SEO and online marketing strategies, every hour you spend doing an SEO audit (assuming you know what to look for) and improving your SEO strategies is an hour you can’t spend doing what you do best – providing clients with whatever it is you do or sell.
  • There are inevitably facets of SEO you haven’t considered. An SEO company Orange County has one mission – to help you improve search engine rankings. A good one will know all of the off page SEO and on page SEO strategies. Anyone can learn the basics of placing SEO keywords, but there’s a lot more to the best SEO techniques than just keyword placement.

Turn Some (Web) Pages – What an SEO Audit Could Do for You

So, if you’re tired of the same old story, turn some pages. Web pages, that is. If you want more people to find your web site and to have a better chance of converting those who visit your website into paying customers, the place to start is with an SEO audit. Among other things, an SEO audit will help you determine:

  • If there are facets of your website’s design that could be improved or replaced for better search engine optimization
  • If your SEO copywriting is making the best use of SEO keywords for organic search engine optimization
  • If your SEO copywriting is written in a way that represents your business well while still helping you improve your search engine ranking
  • If there are other ways you may not have considered to help you improve your search engine ranking

Whether you find yourself asking, “What is search engine optimization?” or you simply need to make sure that your website is up to date with its SEO best practices, consult with the leader among Los Angeles SEO services – NOXSTER.