Effective advertising and marketing has changed in recent years – a lot – and even small companies need to concern themselves with things like local SEO and other online marketing strategies. Back in the day, effective advertising was pretty straightforward. Most small companies depended on the Yellow Pages and making sure they were listed in all of the applicable categories so that people looking for the services or products they offered could find them. It’s still important to be in the Yellow Pages. After all, there is a segment of the population who still looks there when they want to find a company to provide whatever it is they need. They’re aging, but they’re still out there.

Even Grandma is Google-ing

Have you ever wondered why AARP has a website? And one that makes decent use of search engine optimization, at that? Here’s a suggestion… it’s probably because retirees are looking for information online in increasing numbers. As far back as 2011, U.S. News & World Report reported that retirees were the fastest growing users of social media. So, if even Grandma has discovered Google and Facebook, it’s important that even those businesses with an aging clientele employ effective online marketing strategies if they want to meet their marketing objectives.

The Younger your Customers, the More Important your SEO Strategies

While every company should look into SEO consulting and make sure the SEO checklist is taken case of, those who target younger customers (as in, younger than 50) really need to make sure they’re using SEO best practices. Whether you represent a large, multinational corporation or a small mom and pop business that only needs SEO for small business, how well your website is optimized will affect how many people find your site – and by extension, how many come into your store or, if you’re involved in e-marketing, buy your product online. The younger your target market is, the more important it is that your business strategy includes search marketing. The vast majority of those in the under-50 crowd look for at least some of the products or services they need online. When you get to the under-30 crowd, you’re already dealing with people who don’t even know what the Yellow Pages are. Another few years younger and you’re dealing with people who have never ever used a corded phone and can’t understand why anyone would look up a business’ number in a book large enough to be used for a doorstop when they could just Google it.

Why Internet Marketing Optimization is Necessary for Local Business

Here’s the thing: even those who are looking to buy something in town often shop online to find the best prices or to see what their options are. If you want a legitimate shot at earning some of their business, you need them to find your website instead of your competitor’s. That’s where solid search engine optimization strategies can give you a leg up on your competition. NOXSTER offers SEO for small business and large alike. We can help you improve your online marketing strategies whether you are doing millions of dollars of business all over the world or simply need to reach out to others in your neck of the woods. We offer Los Angeles SEO services as well as optimization for companies from all over the U.S. and the world.