Every avenue of press is all abuzz because the White House took an official stand on Net Neutrality, throwing full support to preserve it.  The fight for an open Internet just got even more heated than it has been, with various groups lining up on either side of the controversy.  The president faces opposition from factions in Congress, and from those corporations  like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and other ISPs that want to control Internet access.Net_Neutrality_lowres.jpg.scaled.1000-660x417

The concept of Net Neutrality has been part and parcel of the Internet since its creation.  The notion that all Internet data should be considered equal is a notion that we’ve taken for granted.  It’s been a democratizing principle all along.  Without Net Neutrality, large Internet providers would be allowed charge companies varying prices for their data to flow quickly, slowly, or block access to websites completely if they so choose.

Opponents of  Net Neutrality believe that companies should be charged extra for clogging the Internet with enormous amounts of data, and charging higher prices to bandwidth hogs would finance building advanced fiber networks that could host more Internet services.

Proponents of Net Neutrality feel that it protects innovation and small start up companies who could not afford to pay higher fees, and or would be denied access to Internet services. They believe that Net Neutrality protects them from powerful gatekeepers who will limit access and the spirit of a freely competitive marketplace.  Ultimately, the FCC will weigh in on the controversy and an outcome will be known.


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