Link building is not only an important aspect of SEO, but considered referral business in the digital world. It defines the popularity of the business, and how many people are engaged with the processes related to the business.  It also is a key indicator that Google and search engines take a look at to determine who is the most “Viral” or who has the most social authority. When you are choosing anBrand Building SEO Company you have to make sure that your referral business is coming from places of high stature as well as making sure nothing is automated. Just like referral business the higher the brand the bigger impression in makes to the end user. Google treats it exactly the same.  People outside of the SEO community view the concept of link building in a negative light, when in reality if done correctly it is a very powerful tool. Getting “retweets” “facebook likes” “Plus Ones” are exactly the same concept as a traditional link, just in a modernized form. Getting people to retweet your content share your information, and to re blog your process is a great way to generate high quality links that are pointing back to your website. If you conceptually think about how information is shared online then you won’t have to lose sleep wondering if your link building strategy is ethical or not.

Brand Building


With great brand recognition comes link building. As soon as you maintain and develop your business into a brand, in theory it will engage end users and people to share your information, which indirectly allows your website to receive back links. Info graphics, video’s, PDF’s, your social media are all directly part of your brand. By increasing your brand awareness on Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instragram and others allow your brand to be more accessible for people to see. The more valuable information you share on a weekly or monthly basis the more likely your website is going to get traffic through these referral sources.

Brand exposure is thus an important part of link building, as it is basically a public relations ordeal. The first thing you need to focus on is your brand; back links will naturally come. With Noxster we do a combination of Social Media work, Public Relations, creative copy, and creative work off your website that allows others to share which will indirectly help with the overall wealth of your SEO campaign.

Use Social Media

If your brand isn’t on social media then your brand is less trust worthy then your major competitors. Utilizing social media just to get business is not how business owners should be thinking about the value of these social outlets. When having corporate events, business gatherings, winning company awards, all should be shared on your social media. It will help with hiring, being considered more reputable when being evaluated for new business opportunities, not to mention it allows Google to see that there is something new going on within your industry.SocialMedia

Brand awareness and identity requires great communication and interaction. You cannot be lazy and expect to develop a great brand. It just will not happen. If you need to create an active brand, you have to be become highly active on your social media profiles and networks. Utilizing Linkedin discussions, Google Plus Groups, Facebook Posts, Twitter Hashtags, allows you to be in front of your peers and target market.

You must always be equipped with the correct social media tools as well. For instance, you must keep on following your analytics reports to know how many back links you have generated through social media. Statistics have shown that the average websites that are active on social media generated as much as 35% of the overall traffic through social media. That is a lot of traffic!

Once your website is mapped on social media, its chances of being shared on different channels increases and thus it has a positive effect on your back link portfolio. Businesses that treat link building as an SEO technique and set out to “collect” back links won’t ever be ahead of the game. Link building is combination of content development, public relations, social media management, and creative design. Hence, as long as you are treating link building as a consequence of effective brand building and social networking, you are in the safe zone.

One person can’t handle a whole strategy and that is the reason why companies outsource their SEO needs to Noxster. We have over 4 people on each account creative all the necessary creative within your brand identity to promote your business. Give us a call and let us show you examples of the type of quality links we have proudly developed. It’s not a coincidence we were ranked the Best SEO Company in Los Angeles by Splash Magazine and been quoted in Social Media today.