What is SEO and why does having an effective SEO strategy matter to your business? You know you have a great-looking website with helpful information for your clients. Isn’t that enough?

Let us put it to you this way…what would you do if one of your employees only did half of his job on a daily basis? While every company has their own way of encouraging slackers to pick up the pace, chances are that – if you’re like most successful businesses – you would eventually insist that the employee either did his entire job, and did it well, or you would send him packing and replace him with someone who is willing and able to do everything you’re paying him to do.

Your Website’s Two Jobs and Why SEO Is Necessary

Your company’s website should ideally accomplish at least two things on a regular basis. First, it should provide the information your clients need when they are specifically looking for answers to questions they have  about your business. Most websites do this fairly well, even if it fails on every point of a onpage-offpage-SEOstandard SEO checklist (SEO=search engine optimization). It’s the other half of the website’s job where many websites are slacking.

The second thing (some would argue the first thing) that your company’s website should be doing for you is attracting new business from those who are looking for the kinds of products or services you provide. If your website isn’t optimized with off page and on page SEO (and with local SEO if your client base is predominantly local), then it probably isn’t drawing in any new business.

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters and How to Fix It

Why does this matter? Because Generation Y (read: the up and coming generation, the one that’s going to be spending most of the money over the next 40 years) does their shopping online. They don’t look in the Yellow Pages or the local paper to find the products and services they’re looking for. They just type in whatever they want on the Google search bar and they get page after page of results, most of them from companies offering whatever it is they want.

If they’re searching for your product, and your company isn’t on the first page of results – and preferably towards the top of the first page – you might as well not even have a web page. The vast majority of people will never look beyond the first page of results.

Try this as a sort of self-diagnosis SEO audit (SEO companies in Los Angeles and elsewhere can help you with more detailed analysis and recommendations later if needed): type in whatever product or service it is you offer and the name of your city into the browser bars for Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your company is not at or near the top, your website isn’t working for you to the level it should.

It’s easy to learn the SEO basics, and most companies can do some amount of optimizing themselves. Unfortunately, though, you have to be careful about where you get your SEO tips. The major search engines change their algorithms periodically. Without going into the gory details, that means that tips about SEO keywords that worked great six months ago may not apply at all any more.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve with SEO marketing is to work with an SEO consulting company that offers SEO copywriting and a comprehensive SEO strategy. The better SEO companies will take the time to get to know your company so that they can provide quality SEO copywriting content that fits with your company’s voice and provides useful information for your clients that is written in a way that makes effective use of SEO so that people will actually find your website.

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