The word optimize existed long before search engine optimization did, but with some review, it is easy to understand why the “O” in SEO stands for optimization.   Optimize is a verb, used with an object, means to make as effective, perfect, or as useful as possible.  Used as a verb, without an object, it means to be an optimist and to make the best of things. optimize

But, even without help from Webster’s dictionary, we’ve all heard the term used before.  “The new appliances optimize energy efficiency.”  “To optimize viewing conditions, adjust the lens on your telescope.”  “Use a coupon and optimize your purchasing power.”  Actually, the etymology of the word optimize is from the Latin optimus, which means, best.  Perhaps many of us remember the fictional character Optimus Prime, from the Transformers franchise.  Optimus Prime is the brave leader of the Autobots who puts his efforts into improving the universe – he attempts to optimize the universe so to speak.  A well fitting name.


Then what exactly does an SEO company optimize?  Staying with the definition, an SEO company is going to optimize, or make as effective, perfect or useful; your website’s structure, function, and content in order to improve your rankings and thereby attract more consumers and sales.

  • STRUCTURE: How does your website appear to first time users?  Does it contain crisp and clear visuals?  Is it inviting?  Is the information well organized? Is it easy to navigate through with well labeled navigation tabs? Is the text eye catching but still easy to read? Does the whole website look both relevant and appealing?
  • FUNCTION:  Is your website working properly? Is your website fast, with quick page loads that don’t loose consumer interest?  Was your website constructed properly in the first place, with the best information platforms and management systems; so that viewers have a seamless experience on your site?

  • CONTENT:  Does your content correlate directly to your product or service, and does it reflect your brand message well?  Are the titles and descriptions strong, clear, and thoughtful?  Does the content speak with authority and show expertise, besides just simply framing keywords and phrases?  Does the content reflect and knowledge of the industry and acknowledge industry standards and best practice, which compels trust by the reader?


An excellent SEO company like Noxster has the leading techniques to optimize your website, that is, take it and make it better in structure, function, and content.  Partner with Noxster today, and see first hand how they define optimize, as their team goes above and beyond the scope of the word to attract more business to your site in a capable, caring, creative, yet fully analytic way.