Business technology as it applies to attracting customers has changed radically since the 1980s.  Forbes magazine gives us a brief history that illustrates how far we’ve come in terms of connecting to our target audience in order to drive sales of goods and services.
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At one time, having your company name begin with the letter ‘A’ was all you needed for optimum visibility, and a business card was all you needed to present to a client for entry.  Then, we made the leap to the pager system so we were always available to answer lead calls, complemented by the advent of the fax machine to speed paperwork and contracts B2B or B2C.  By the 1990s, every company worth its salt had a website of some sort, and by the 2000s, marketing plans included social media or else they were left behind by the competition.  Pagers and fax machines were in the d

istant past, and it all happened very quickly.


Now we look to search engine optimization, or SEO, to capture consumer attention through digital marketing.  SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page while conducting a search, on a search engine such as Google or Bing.  Generally speaking, higher ranked sites appear more frequently on search results and hence are seen by more people.  SEO understands how search engines work and how people conduct searches.   They devise marketing strategies using tools, such as keywords, that promote the ability of a site to be recognized during the search pr

ocess, thus bringing it more people traffic.



Every search engine culls specific information from massive amounts of stored information.  Search engines send out their scouts who recognize highly ranked sites when people initiate searches.  These are the markers that the scouts look for, and if your site contains them, then people can find your goods and services.

  • Words:  Keywords are the first and most important element in helping search engines find your site. A well optimized site speaks the same language as the search engine.
  • Titles:  The titles of your marketing pages will not only summarize what your page is about and highlight your branding, but also help search engin

    es find and rank your site.

  • Links:  The proper amount of links help raise your site’s ranking as well.  As one page recognizes another, links attract more searches.
  • Respectability:   Sites with effective keywords, quality content, and a variety of credible links will also rise to the top of search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization that’s done with skill, analytics, and merit can assist you in an effective digital marketing campaign.  Noxster is a prime example of where you will find the leading edge of SEO strategies and solutions for your all of your digital marketing needs.