SERP, or search engine results page, is an acronym that can launch or sink your entire online marketing campaign.  Your web page can be the most visually attractive and engrossing page, yet still attract few visitors.  The route to improving visitor traffic is to achieve a high ranking on search engine return pages.  Whenever a consumer plugs in theiPageViewsNotMissesr search term to their favorite search engine, you want to be in a prime position to have your web page be the result of that search.  In the hands of a skillful SEO company, your web page will not be overlooked or forgotten.

An SEO company like Noxster understands that the information on your page often determines search results. Enabling your page to appear in a top spot after any search is not to be overlooked in importance.  It creates a first impression with the consumer, that will then convince them to the click.  Getting the consumer to the click is pivotal. Unless they click your page, you don’t have the opportunity to persuade them further, and even the best marketing campaign efforts will be lost.  Getting the consumer to the click is definitely a hit, and consumer searches that end in hits is the best way to turn consumers into customers.

Getting Hits Through Optimization

A good webmaster, or white hat,  has a collection of  legitimate techniques  to use in order to improve your site’s SERP position so that you get more clicks or hits.  Three key components to your SERP strategy are:


Most search engines use computer programs called spiders or crawler to search the Web and analyze individual web pages.  Effective SERP strategy is an important component and the first step in getting search hits.  The next crucial component is keyword placement  and link analysis.  Search engines analyze keywords and links in order to rank your page in the search results.  The effectiveness of your marketing goals rests on the strength of your keyword usage and link analysis, and the weight that the search engine assigns them in order to determine your top placement on search engine results pages.

Noxster SEO Delivers Hits

Noxster provides services that increase search engine hits, which in turn will translate leads into profits. Without it, your time and money spent on a well crafted marketing campaign will have been for naught.  Some of the many services they offer clients include:

  • social media optimization
  • video optimization
  • conversion rate optimization
  • smart web design
  • SEO copywriting
  • graphic design
  • mobile website creation
  • pay per click management

Contact Noxster today at  888.507.4944  and let them show you how they can customize SEO strategies and solutions so that your online marketing page will get maximum hits.  There are no misses when consulting with Noxster, the best SEO company in Los Angeles.