So you have a fantastic blog, but don’t know the first thing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before creating more thought-provoking material that isn’t get anyone to notice, check out a few easy SEO tips designed to improve your Google page rank and otherwise help you garner the attention your blog deserves:

Fresh, Highly-Digestible Content

One of the easiest SEO tips out there is to ensure your blog is updated daily and features unique, highly-digestible content. Update your blog with fresh content several times a week if possible, which helps content_strategyincite reader interest and keeps them coming back. Enlist the help of friends and family members if you can’t post that often, and at the very least post weekly. No one is going to go back to a site where new posts come once or twice every few months. Readers want engaging, easy-to-read content on interesting subjects. If you haven’t been posting weekly, try it out and see if you don’t get a sudden bump in traffic!

Links, Links, Links

If you don’t know how to set up links pointing to your site, now is the time to learn. A high number of quality backlinks is absolutely a way to drive traffic, but remember: if there’s no discernable reason to link another site to yours, don’t do it. Focus on similar sites—you may eventually be added to their blog roll. And if you really aren’t sure how to create links, YouTube is full of tutorials on the subject! Also, ensure your link features the post’s keyword (called the “Anchor Text”). Having relevant keywords in anchor text helps with both search engine rankings and organic click-through traffic.

Speaking of Keywords….

Starting out, it’s best to optimize your blog or site for short phrases (also called long-tail keywords) rather than one word. For example, if your site concerns green living in Los Angeles, it makes more sense to link ‘green living Los Angeles’ or ‘green living in Los Angeles’ than it does to only link ‘green living’ or ‘Los Angeles,’ both of which are super-broad and highly competitive search terms. Refrain from over-stuffing posts with keywords as well—search engines such as Google want “natural” language content. Placing too many keywords in one post is only going to backfire.

Sharing and Commenting

The ability to easily share posts and comment on them is also highly desirable for web traffic and SEO. Remember, no one is going to be interested in jumping through five proverbial hoops just to write “Wow, that’s cool” on your post. Adding share buttons to your posts, such as those for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, will make it easy to share and thus drive traffic to your site. People share and pin what they love, so if you’re looking to attract more readers, make it valuable for them to share your content with the world. Keep content relevant and socially intriguing. There you have it—four super-easy SEO tips for your blog. What are you waiting for? Start creating a new post now!