Image revamping has the potential to be a nightmare that could potentially lose you customers due to your efforts rather than gaining more clients! Whether you have been hit with a Google Penalty and your website isn’t able to recover, or if you decide to rebrand to help with conversion, starting a new rebranding strategy online can become anxiety ridden. logo-rebranding

Your image defines you and with time, your customers develop the affiliation with your brand and thereby, building up your identity. If you go about the rebranding incorrectly you can jeapordize the brand awareness that you spent money, time and effort building for so long. Rebranding is way easier if you are a bigger company. The fortune 500 companies have more of a risk tolerance to gather data and analyze what is working and not working, where as small companies every mistake impacts the bottom line harder. You can expect your customers to get confused or outright frustrated with your revamping efforts – if and when you decide to take upon this very risky exercise. So when do you know you need to revamp your image online?

Do it for the Right Reason

Deciding to revamp your image is a bold decision taken by the companies. Different companies decide to go for an overhaul of their brand for various reasons. It is important for you to revamp for the right reason.

Here are a couple ways to determine if you are doing it for the “right” reason:

  • When your old image just is not producing results anymore, or when you feel your existing brand is out of juice! It is time to refresh your image and remind people about your brand. At times, if the brand is refreshed in the correct way, it is in-fact welcomed by the customers and communicates to them that you are on the top of your game.
  • If you have been hit with a Google penalty or have negative publicity online that you can’t get away from. Unfortunately Google has recently said if your domain doesn’t recover from the new updates it’s time to start thinking about starting over. It’s not easy to do online but it is something that has shown over the last couple of months is the most cost effective way to generate high social authority according to the respected search engines.
  • Multiple Rip off Reports and other negative press. Reputation Management starts to add up and it speaks volumes about your business model. This is the worst case scenario and we hope you aren’t looking to rebrand for these reasons.
  • When you are about to
    • introduce a new product or a product line, a new service,
    • bring about a cultural shift,
    • change the target market or your customer’s segment,
    • announce a new management or an important person in your management (such as a new ceo),

For the change to be a perfect fit with your brand, you could be required to revamp your image. For example, if previously your brand was known as the provider of low-priced products, before you launch a premium product which requires to be priced high, you need to go for an image revamp first.

  • To keep up with the latest technology trends or other marketing concepts. For example, the ‘Going Green’ marketing concept is gaining popularity today and you may want to project yourself and your products to the customers as being environmental friendly as well!

Which Aspects Should you Target?

You can go for a complete overhaul or specific areas. Make this decision based on your budget and the objectives of your revamp. For example, if you want to fix a minor flaw in your existing image, then going for a complete overhaul is not advised. Instead, make tweaks to your website; by changing your tagline or your advertisements theme. Similarly, for a complete paradigm shift, it is better to come up with a new logo, a new website and new modes of promotions.

Test before Launch

Dip your toe into the pool before you dive in it. If you feel you have the right ingredients for the image revamp, test it out on a focus group, gather their reaction and make changes to your revamp strategy accordingly before launching your rebranding campaign. This testing is obviously based on the amount of financial flexibility is allocated towards your budget. If you don’t have the funds to do conversion rate optimization, analyze your analytics after the launch and determine what design is converting the best. The more data you gather the more powerful of a selling tool your website will become.

Image revamping requires dexterous efforts for it to be successful. It is therefore advisable to assign the task to an expert -or professionals like us at Noxster. We offer a number of services including Graphic Design Services and Smart Web Design Services that can all help you come up with and implement a unique, well-defined, targeted and workable image revamping strategy!

Noxster can help your brand to stand out in the cluttered market by powering your brand to make lasting impressions on your customers!