Ok, so all these years we’ve just been using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to look for the latest products, services or find useful information about an event, what is important is to know the technique behind this. Search Engine Optimization has evolved and the evolution of custom programming is more essential than ever. Here are a couple of SEO tactics that can improve your SEO rankings through programming and other avenues.

Keeping Users on Your Website Longer aka Improving User Satisfaction

By improving the users experience of your website you are able to increase your SEO rankings. When Google takes a look at criteria such as bounce rate, time on site, user engagement, and landing page funneling, that data indirectly tells Google how well your information is being presented to the end user.

Moz recently came out with a study that shows exactly what we are talking about. See how they responded to the user satisfaction question:


This was the example they used on how user satisfaction can actually increase your SEO rankings as well as the rationale behind the example:


Including 2-4 Images Per Landing Page Also Helps with Rankings

What goes unsaid is the fact that Google loves mentally stimulating objects integrated within your content, whether that is: snippets, images, info graphics or videos. We are learning that Google actually is expanding the number of rich snippets it shows in search results, including snippets for current events, songs, new music videos, theatrical videos, and breadcrumbs.

Which means when you are programming your website you have to make sure your images and videos are completely optimized. Check your website to make sure images is reduced and that you are leveraging your browsers caching. Other factors that you can use is minifying your java script, enabling compression, as well as minifying your HTML coding. All of these will help increase your load time.

Programing- Issues

This will all help with increasing your website speed which also indirectly helps with your user satisfaction. Recently Google has actually verbally stated that the speed of your website has a direct correlation to your rankings.  Read about your page load time here.

Mobile Website Programming Will Help With your SEO

While the programming for your desktop is important your mobile SEO rankings are even more influenced by the programming of your website. Take a look at the data provided by Moz and Zoompf:


Page load time isn’t the only thing that Google takes a look at for your mobile rankings either. The way your website is configured also plays a big role behind the scenes. The more errors your website has on smart phones the lower your website is more likely going to rank. Some easy smart phones errors include:

  • Misdirect vistors to the wrong URL
  • Incorrectly embedding video/images that don’t load correctly
  • Small call to actions on the mobile devise
  • Annoying pop up windows that can’t be closed easily