Previously we discussed how important the landing page is to your business; let’s start exploring how we can build an appealing and attractive landing page. If you have an existing website then it is going to be much easier to understand your pain points and difficulties over the life span of your website. Having a bad or outdated website is a good problem to have however. Over the years you have been operating online your website has been collecting data. From that data a web design company like ours can leverage that information to determine what products need more attention or what service page people were attracted to.  When re designing your website you are going to want to understand and interpret this information for you to leverage. If you are looking to rebrand this is the first place you should start.

Here is what we need to know to help design a better functioning and looking website.

  1. The first thing is to understand whom are you targeting? As in, the type of audience- new or existing? If it is new, then some intriguing piece of content, exciting advertisements, and social media updates can be useful. In case of an existing customer base who already knows your offerings or might have used it in the past, you can just provide great offers and discounts.
  2. You may prefer to add an interesting video clip to increase your conversion rate. Also including more photo opportunities is a plus.
  3. Content opportunities need to be included. The point of websites is to have information. A website full of pictures is a black hole to Google. Content opportunities can be subtle but available.
  4. How much do you use social media? Depending on the answer will tell you how integrated you want it on your website. If you are having specials, offering discounts or promotions social media should be very prevalent.
  5. Tablet and Mobile friendly is a must! Your old site probably neither of those.

Since every customer is distinct, you may categorize your customer base in a way that you can send tailor made messages to them.  Email marketing is another aspect that is under consideration when re-designing your website.

Remember: A modern tech savvy customer would want something innovative every time. If your design is outdated that is the perception people have about your company.