While Black Friday embarks the official shopping for Christmas, the big day for eCommerce websites is Cyber Monday.  Store fronts and websites spend a lot of money advertising for cyber Monday. No matter how small or large your business is, you should do something exciting to market your business. Think ahead and do info graphics, articles, and online promotions to generate local shoppers to stop by your store.12249693-cyber-monday-deals-2013

This holiday season is obviously about increasing your bottom line and increasing your sales. To increase your sales online you need to understand your target audience. As you know, not all shoppers are of same kind, they need to be treated differently to help you achieve your business objectives.  For example if you are a high end retailer having promotions about “cheap and affordable” contradict your brand.

Here are some tips to help you better prepare for your cyber Monday and month of holiday shoppers. Here is a sneak peak to know more about different traits, personas and shopping behaviors of your buyers.

The coupons getters

This segment of customers is ideally interested in gathering more and more coupons and e-vouchers to maximize their holiday shopping experience.

On the go shoppers

Usually the young crowd falls in this category which is more interested in searching for discounts and latest products on their tablets, smartphones and portable devices.

The searchers

This group of customers loves to browse and search for exciting products, services and deals on their handheld devices.

Just online shopping

Falling in the average age group of 36, this segment of buyers loves to do online shopping but not on their handheld devices. They may use their computers and laptops to look for gifts, price offs and unmatched deals and order for the same.

So if you know your audience well, you can easily prepare powerful marketing campaigns and ideas to reach them while considering their online shopping behaviors and personas.