If you flashback when internet was initially introduced, small pieces of text could grab your attention. As a result businesses started providing more information, details and useful stats about their brand and offerings to their customers and respected client base. Gradually we started integrating pictures; videos and a variety of graphics (graphs, diagrams, pictograms, etc.) to build a better connect. To this day it is the reason why print marketing is still successful and useful. There is a tangible emotion that comes with graphics and videos.

We have entered the era of infographics which is the combination of statistics, data, information and images gathered into one picture to communicate a message, a thought, spread awareness about a cause, or just to promote a brand. The trend of infographics is accelerating at a rampant pace.  People are addicted to fast information that they can share. Info graphics is a combination of what social media is about: sharing, timely, and straight to the point.

It is widely used as an alternative to heaps of information used to reach the audience.

Why do we include Info Graphics into every SEO Campaign? Because…

  1. It is a beautiful pictorial representation which includes different colors, images and useful facts that automatically clicks one and all.
  2. Visual impact tends to have higher retention rate.
  3. It’s a great food for thought or medium to extract the required information while on-the-go or maybe when in hurry.
  4. It aids in effective viral publicity. People can use the embed code of a given infographic and start sharing on their social media profiles or websites.
  5. It’s a good source of garnering more back links.

If you want, you can create a separate page of infographics on your site or just add it on your blog section. Place your company’s logo for brand promotion. Also, provide an option to your prospects to share it with their own connections.

Adding newer infographics on your website helps you refresh your site on a regular basis. Indeed, a positive signal for the search engine spiders. Here is one we did for ourselves.

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