Media buying, Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, and SEM are all great ways to get immediate visibility online. Buying “likes”, “traffic” and impressions is a valuable asset that should be in your online marketing campaign. Imagine that your paid search campaign is moving pretty good but what if  you are getting smashed by your competitors? Not breaking even on your spend?  To analyze the major causes of the loss, here are quick tips for you: –PPC-Advertising

  • Since a large percentage of traffic still comes from natural search, you should have a defined budget for SEO. Though you may not be able to see instant results through SEO, pay per click can certainly grab you better search results.  Don’t start off with too broad of keywords. Make sure they are defined. Remember if you don’t want them in your SEO campaign you probably don’t want to pay for them with your PPC.
  • Google has made adjustments so you can now manage your mobile spend on their ad’s. Deviating away from mobile apps, concentrate on enhancing the mobile web experience of your audience. Connecting with family and friends or networking with partners, clients and prospects- handhelds are the most preferred medium used worldwide. Make your website compatible with mini screens, and create e-mails or ads which fit well the screen dimensions of the medium to trigger more enquiries
  • Social media now has ad opportunities. You are able to pay for likes, web traffic, and other avenues to gain online visibility. It can act a good platform to offer a nice push to your paid search campaign. Explore different sites, including: Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and more.

If you simply cannot undermine the results of PPC ads, these efforts are essentially used to offer a nice thrust to your on-going paid campaigns. Other than this, you need to re-work on your PPC strategy.  You probably should get a Pay Per Click audit done by a professional. A lot of times companies think just have an Ad up is enough. That is far from the truth. There are certain elements to maneuver your add to make sure you are getting the most ROI for you spend.

  • Things, like: – geo tagging, re-marketing lists for search ads (RLSA), and segregation of the audience in different age groups- is something that can help you revive the results.
  • Copy is very important.  So is the time of day when your ad is placed. The amount of money allocated to the budget for a particular keyword, your profit margin on the service or product are all elements that make sense for you to outsource your PPC to a professional.
  • Landing page optimization. Don’t just send all of your traffic to your home page. Make sure you have enough landing pages, images, videos, and content, to engage and pursued the user to buy your product.