With the latest Google updates, a ton of potential clients have been asking about getting rid of unnatural links. Just before the successive updates of the search engines, primarily Google, a lot of emphasis was put on link building. With the new updates in place one of the core recovery tactics is by identifying which links were negatively affecting your website and cleaning up the keyword density within your link portfolio.

Types of Unnatural Links Unnatural Link Building

So instead of fetching an inbound link from just any random site, Google Webmaster Tool sends out notifications to the webmasters to  remove the unnatural links (if any).  However once you identify that you have a link building warning, you are now stuck with 100’s or thousands of links to choose from to determine which link is harming your website. There is also the possibility that your competitors were building lower quality links to your website to prevent you from ranking any higher. Here are a couple of tips to get rid of your “unnatural” links that could have been created. Some negative type links include:

  1. Auto Generated Links
  2. Links on website with 100’s of other outbound links.
  3. Link Farms
  4. Spammy directories that have been changed.
  5. Paid Links that are trying to charge you to take it down.

Here is other ways to get rid of Unnatural Links:

  1. Prepare a list of all the inbound links you have. Use Google Webmaster Tool to fetch all such links.
  2. Out of all these inbound links, pull out those which are bad links, i.e. irrelevant to your business or maybe low quality links.
  3. Get rid of these bad links by reaching out to the respective webmasters. You may also like to use Google Disavow Tool to chuck away all these unnatural links.
  4. If you have fewer bad links, it may not cause any serious problem. But if the percentage of low quality links is more than the good quality links, you should then take immediate action to get everything back on the track.

Do take a look at your link sharing exercise on regular intervals. You may also use the social media to earn some high quality links.  Make sure all of the content that is being shared to create your social authority is unique content and not copied directly from your website.

However, you must devise a proper strategy to ensure that nothing goes wrong. For better output, consult our SEO strategists.