With Google’s search turning 15 years old, the giant search engine has released its biggest search algorithm- the “Hummingbird”. This new algorithm is introduced to simplify all the complex searches of the users across the globe. It is an intelligent formula or technique used to sort billions of web pages before providing relevant answers to a given search query.

So all those earlier updates, like: Panda, Penguin, PageRank, etc. are the essential constituents of this super formula. Hummingbird essentially means “precise and fast” which means the search engine will now focus on meaning of the searched terms rather than the words searched.Hummingbird-Google

For example: – if you type “I want to buy Google Nexus 4” on your search bar, the results will show a list of stores that sell Nexus 4 instead of showing pages where Nexus 4 has been mentioned. Hummingbird will pay heed to the meaning behind a search query. So unlike the web results matching particular keywords, you’ll now be served with web pages matching the meaning behind a sentence.

An exciting thing about this algorithm is that it’s already been implemented and used by Google for over a month now, however it’s been officially launched now.

Hummingbird will not affect your website’s traffic as the guidelines remain unchanged. If at all, you happen to lose traffic or rakings, just check the quality and uniqueness of your web content, relevancy of keywords, etc.

With better search results, Google has once again made the users happy and satisfied. Indeed the perfect return gift on its 15th anniversary.

Way to go Google… 🙂 konyaaltı escort