Did you try the techniques we’ve discussed to boost your digital rankings? Yes, great!!! We are back again to offer something more to your knowledge bank. Here we go…

Food for readers

Mere posting and updating your blog or article section isn’t the best way to generate traffic and business. It should be fed with high quality, interesting and informative content. Remember, the objective is to attract recurring traffic to improve your rankings and not to increase the bounce rate of your site.

Impress the readers

Whatever you write should impress the readers solely and not the search engines. Include the jargons and terminologies which are used by your target audience. If they get satisfied with your text, it’ll turn the game in your favor completely.

Bounce off the high bounce rate

If increased bounce rate has been bothering your website’s health, then take a look at your existing keywords, chuck the irrelevant ones and add the most searched ones. Optimize your website in this regard to reduce the bounce rate.

Community leader

Everybody loves to become market leaders but if you are heading on the same route, you need to have a strong command on the subject. You should be able to answer any type of question which your community members might ask. While most of the people usually discuss their problems, you might end up selling your products/ services. And even if you don’t, it’s a great way to develop healthy community relations which is again a good thing for your brand.