Sudden and unpredictable updates by search engines, massive online campaigns run by competitors, changed preferences of the target audience…all of these are potential reasons why your website has lot traffic. Do you know if you have lost website traffic? Yes, no, not sure??? Don’t worry. Whatever the reason maybe, if you are eager to drive high quality organic traffic to your site, here’s what you need to do: –

OnlineRankingsLadder-Follow the procedure

Search engine optimization isn’t a child’s play. It used to be easy, not anymore. It is a set of techniques and procedures used to improve a website’s search rankings. So the ideal route is to walk on the lane of long tail keywords and then narrow down to short tail keywords. This is because long tail keywords offer better conversion rate and can help you pull easy traffic unlike paid search techniques.

Don’t take a back seat

Initially you may be all pumped up to support your SEO activities with original and high quality content (articles & blog posts). However, with the passage of time you may lose the vigor and passion to continue doing that. Or even if you have the passion you might not have the time to implement it. Your frequency may reduce from weekly/ bi-weekly to monthly updates- which is certainly can negatively affect your online promotions.

Missing ingredients

Just the way you use different spices, flavors and seasonings to prepare a delicious dish. The same is to be done with your search engine marketing strategy. You need to ensure that nothing goes missing in promoting your website on the internet. For example: – find out whether your website includes Meta tags or not. This is only way to help increase the relevancy factors that the search engines pick up on. A lot of times blogs are missing key elements that normal tier 2 internal pages have. The search engines will pick up anything that has been published on your web page. So let the crawlers find relevant keywords and meaningful description (information) related to the respective web page/s.


As you add meta tags on your web pages, you also need to optimize your articles and blog posts with relevant title, description and keywords. It’ll guide the crawlers to index your content quickly and help improve your rankings.

Support your paid search

Use Google Keyword Planner, a PPC focused feature that distributes the keywords into suggested ad groups. Pay Per Click still generates 20% of the buying consumer and as Google has been hinting at they are trying to generate even more traffic and opportunities through their Ad’s.

These are simple tips and ways to increase your online visibility through SEO and Pay Per Click. If you are looking for Local SEO Los Angeles services give Noxster a call today! Don’t forget we also have a Orange County SEO office with the launch of Noxster Orange.