In our previous blog we spoke briefly about the starting digital marketing at an early stage within your small to medium size business. You want to make sure you capture as much market share as possible to grow your business the fastest. We touched upon give away, networking, and other online digital strategies not related to SEO, PPC, or Social Media, to drive your consumer base. A digital strategy does not always mean one form of marketing. You can use simple techniques to drive potential users to like you on FB or search for you on Google. In our previous post we’ve discussed about the various ways with which start-ups can pull easy customer base and user traffic. Let’s move our discussion further and take a deeper dive into this topic.

digital marketing

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  1. Surveys
    As you envision the growth of your business; you need to move along the ever expanding growth curve. Surveys, research, reviews, investigations and analyses are some of the widely used methods to evaluate your marketing strategy and get customers’ feedback about your products/ services.
  2. Subtle promotions
    As a part of your CSR (corporate social responsibility) you can plan to start a noble campaign to spread awareness about a social cause. Invite your customers and prospects to speak their mind. Give them an open platform wherein they can contribute to the discussion and learn more about a particular cause or issue. This can act as a strong weapon to promote your brand better.
  3. Free trials
    This is a good way to locate people who are interested in using your products/ services. For example: – you can put your apps, software or maybe Whitepaper on trial of say 15 days or 30 days as per  your business objectives. So the users can have enough time to explore your product and analyze whether it’s fit to be purchased or not. It’s another exciting way to attract more visitors.

Another great way to drive traffic and relevant business to your website is through E-Books and content marketing. E-Books will teach people or give relevant information about your business which they can download. Having a online media kit, print catalog, and other marketing methods will increase the amount of traffic you will receive to your website. If your e-book has enough good information and you form credibility online you will be able to charge for your professional insight.  Also don’t forget about blogging. Have info graphics  and blogs on your website is just as good as a newsletter or email marketing campaign.

By following these tips you can certainly twist the growth coin in your favor. Happy marketing!!!