Creating a marketing strategy online for small to medium size companies can become a burden.  Your operation has probably already been through 2 or 3 SEO Companies and you have a bad taste in your mouth.

Other companies have probably burned you, your rankings didn’t translate to a ROI, or you are just losing faith in SEO. The key for SMB’s when choosing a SEO Company is determining what the best niche is for your company to target whether it be choosing a company, keywords, and strate gy. Going after very generic keywords or to niche can be the death of your SEO Campaign.  When doing a website audit there are a couple of factors that you want to take a look at to determine what the best SEO approach to integrate is. takipçi satın al

1. ROI and Authority

Choosing your keywords can be difficult. Google doesn’t allow for a monopoly online. When choosing which keywords you want to rank for, you have to determine which keywords you generate your highest ROI for. Those list of service or goods are a good place to start your campaign around.  Going national vs. regional is all based on a specific business model, budget, and expectations.

2. Competition and Budget

If you are on a restricted budget for your SEO campaign it is probably not the smartest thing to pursue the biggest keywords in your industry. If you are going up with the likes of Wal-Mart, Amazon, Dick Sporting Goods, or fortune 500 companies you better put yourself in a position to succeed. If you think they are spending less than 2-5k per month for SEO you are wrong. Give your SEO Company a chance to succeed.

3. Social Integration and Content Creation

A lot of time companies on a restricted budget are not doing the proper Social integration or content creation within a campaign. With SEO you pay for what you get. If you choose a cheap company who is only going to link build you are not going to move up the rankings. Google is to advance these days to rank someone just because of links. You have to have a unique combination of work that is done to your website and off your website to gain social authority on Google for a position.

4. How much should you be doing?

Every SEO Company you talk to probably have a different recommendation for blogging, social media post, link building, content development, or onsite optimization. There is no generic answer to give you, but the general rule of thumb is the more content you create, the more QUALITY likes and links you generate the more opportunity your website has to be shared. Each industry is going to be different. If you are a small company in Wisconsin the chances are your competition isn’t doing to much so you can get away with doing less. If you are a Law Firm in the heart of Los Angeles you know that they have a competitive budget in place to generate the buzz to obtain the rankings.