As you are building and developing your company the one thing that haunts small start-up’s is whether they’ll be able to accelerate their sales and augment the customer base. The more established your business and reputation the more referral business that comes you way. For online marketing it is no different. The longer you are on the first page the more leads your websites is going to attract. Here is a quick list of things  you can do with you SEO Campaign that can help expedite the lead generation and increase the quality of your inbound lead. 

  1. Long tail key phrase– As an entrepreneur you need to target your audience step-by-step. This starts from long tail search enquiries received. Use Google Keyword Tool to hunt for long tail key phrases searched by your prospects. Also, you can compile answers to some of these queries and add it to the FAQ section of your website. So for anyone looking for answers to a specific question will land on your website and get you relevant search traffic.
  2. Competitors’ targeting- You can keep an account of the places and areas where your competitors’ website and/or brand name is being promoted and advertised. The mediums can be online and offline. Accordingly, you can create a strategy to target those areas and get your name published. After all, the core objective is to sideline the competition and rule the market. 
  3. Videos– Posting videos is the latest fad. Whether you upload videos on your website or on your social media profiles, it is one of the best ways to grab attention, communicate a message, entertainment the audience and educate them. So if you have something exceptional to share with your audience or want to create something outstanding, just go for it.
  4. Acknowledgements – Acknowledgements in the form of ‘thank you’ messages via SMS, or e-mail is another exciting way to notify your audience about their importance and thank them for buying your products/services.
  5. Share your views -Let your customers post information (hopefully praise) about your brand. You should create an aura to let your customers post comments about their experience of using your offerings. Blogs, social media platforms, reviews sites, etc. – are some mediums that can be used post and receive comments.

SEO is no different than a sales rep competing for new business. You have to find your specific niche and make sure that you become that authority for specific key phrases. Ranking for keyphrases is harder than ever, so it takes longer. Going back to the traditional strategy of ranking for for longer tailed keywords is a good way to generate that positive ROI through your online marketing campaign to justify the spend and time to rank for short tailed keywords.