We haven’t blogged about MultiLingual SEO in a while, but there is a need for MultiLingual SEO Services. SEO is tough enough, let alone optimizing in multiple languages. While most of the businesses are relying on search engine optimization to rank well on the top search engines, the doors of multi-lingual SEO is opening

fast. Though English is a global language, a lot of focus is now being paid to regional SEO which means that you need to reach out from underneath the English speaking audience to the non-English speaking people. So, if you are planning to target the Spanish or French communities, you need to devise a specific plan. Mere translation of the language on your website may not be enough. You need to jostle your mind for something in particular.

Here is how we generally go about optimizing a MultiLingual Campaign:

  1. Easy reach
    Can’t rank for everything in every langue. Just covert your top ranking keywords in the language you want. Use Google Translate; check out the top results on various social platforms like: – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to find out what the users are actually searching for. Since it’s altogether a different story for you, ensure that you set the language and country you want to target. Doing this can help you generate your ROI quicker.
  2. Choose the platforms
    Web surfing in different countries or demographic may not be the same. Therefore, you need to research the type of online channels they are using by your TG (target group). Is it social networking websites, mobile phones, tablets..? Accordingly, you can strategize. For example: – if your TG is more active on the handheld devices, ensure that you have a mobile site which is compatible on different handhelds.
  3. The right time
    First evaluate your target audience then think of creative ways to reach them. Blogging, Posting content in social communities, keyword research, asking for a link exchange, guest blogging, all of this are effective ways to generate the buzz needed to rank well in other countries. This of course depends on your budget.  Multi Lingual SEO is not a cheap solution, it’s usually more expensive because it is at LEAST double the work. So if suppose you are French and want to target some of the prime locations of the USA, you need to think about your budget because you are probably going to already be optimizing in your own country.
  4. The translation
    just like your native language, you must respect the foreign languages as well. So if you are planning to translate most of your web pages to another language, you must use the right words, dialects and context. Often in the quest of mere translation, the original meaning of the words and sentences gets lost and you end up making a mockery of what you want to convey. The solution is that you must hire an experienced SEO copy writer who can do the required job without any flaws. You can also use <hreflang> attribute to avoid content duplication in case of a translated website.

If you can’t do that “in house” than your best bet is to hire a SEO company who has experience optimizing in different languages. If you are going down this path then Contact Us today!