With frequent algorithm updates by Google, it’s simply becoming more difficult for businesses to drive traffic through their SEO campaigns. With Google evolving even Matt Cutt’s admits that a company shouldn’t rely on just Google to market their company. Matt Cutt’s went on to say in the Article Link Building is Not illegal or bad, “I firmly support the idea that people should have a diversified way of reaching their audience. So if you rely only on Google, that might not be as strong of an approach compared to having a wide variety of different avenues by which you can reach people and drive them to your website or whatever your objective is.” ankara escort

Today, you cannot rely on a single technique to generate leads and market your small to medium size business online. Matt Cutt’s went on to say though that SEO is still a great way to generate new business and there is ways Google takes into account that helps you rank online. So, if you’ve been struggling hard to find a sure shot route to success, check out the following: –

  1. Meaningful anchor text
    Imagine that you are looking for chocolate and what if you are provided with fruit? It wouldn’t solve your purpose as you aren’t in search for fruit. Same thing goes for linking, if you don’t add relevant links to the relevant anchor text, it wouldn’t attract user traffic. However like fruit, you don’t want to have too much fruit. If it isn’t meaningful and natural, it’ll be regarded as spamming which means it wouldn’t attract the search engines as well.
  2. Backlinks support
    Backlinking isn’t bad. It is actually still encourage by Matt Cutts. If you’ve been running your SEO campaigns or outsource to a SEO Company, you must already be aware of the importance of backlinks. But you need to watch the source from where you are earning these backlinks. I mean, a low quality link can only risk your rankings. The best thing is to look for new channels of earning backlinks. Social Media and Google Plus is a good way to start. The Plus One button is your friend. Some good quality discussion forums, guest blogging sites, etc. can be quite helpful to you.
  3. Focus
    It’s correct that you need to consider the interests of your target audience while establishing your online presence but don’t forget the search engines. Google being the search engine, can drive you more traffic than most other digital marketing solutions, but focus on other search engines as well- Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and more.
  4. Arouse goose bumps
    Move out of the thought of cliché marketing wherein you deliberately promote your products/services. It’s the time to create magic, pull customers and retain them for your entire lifetime. Ideal way is to speak to your employees, customers, and people who know your brand and use your products/services. Take their feedback and assess what they think about your offerings and maybe ask for their suggestions for better output. Once you know your USPs, you can then use them as a powerful marketing weapon.
  5. Get a fresh outlook
    Whether you’ve been running your business since ages or just starting up with it, look at your offerings and SEO strategy with a new outlook. Think of new ideas, use info graphics, video production, radio ads, and print marketing which will get you more word of mouth traffic. The more traffic you have the more Google views you as an authoritative member in their society.

These are some of the basic white-hat techniques that you can anytime rely upon. And if you religiously follow these tips, no update can really cause you a setback.