Remember these famous and popular tweets of 2012? The use of images, hashtags, etc. is the best way to generate a viral buzz to popularize a tweet. I mean if you want to promote a word or an expression, you can use (#) hashtags to get unique followers looking for that specific topic or tagline that you have hashtaged.

Facebook is starting to utilize and integrate the hash tag to sort through topic relevance on their social platform. Advancing their service from just sponsored ads used for brand promotions and to sell the products/services more effectively, Facebook is ready to take a step further and enhance the SEO services for their platform.

As most of us know, hashtags are essentially used to increase visibility of a brand on social media which is something that every business wants and desires. Ask any SEO guru and he’ll tell you that social integration is becoming more essential for your SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization isn’t only about staying on top of the rankings on the major search engines; it is also about improving the user experience while offering relevant information to your core audience.

When keeping this this in mind, Facebook hashtags will enable a business to target the right audience which is interested in knowing and talking about your brand, its products and services. Unlike the sponsored ads which is push marketing on your eyes, hashtags will drive the “interested users” to all the latest conversations about the respected topic of your tweet, post, or genre that your brand is providing information for.

For example: – if a user types #NoxsterSEOCompany, he/she will be able to see all the current stories related to Noxster SEO Company on Facebook.

Another exciting thing is that if you use # on Instagram, it’ll get displayed on your Facebook profile and if you try and click that hyperlink, it’ll show all the related conversations on Facebook. It wouldn’t get you back to Instagram.

This feature is quite useful for the brands as they can earn better credibility and more referral business arises through word of mouth.

Hashtag campaigns can certainly become a powerful marketing tool.  If you use this correctly and you proactively integrate this within your marketing campaign the chances of having your company in the presence of your market will significantly be increased.