At this point if you have utilized Pay Per Click you have received the email from Google about their new Enhanced Pay Per Click Campaign. With the earlier update of Enhanced Campaign launched by Google AdWords, on July 22 we can now observe the changed format. The update is especially designed to help the marketers shape and control their campaigns better and assess the effectiveness of their ads more efficiently. It essentially revolves around 3 factors, i.e. time, location and device.

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Launching a PPC campaign isn’t as simple as seeing the ad appearing on the search results. It entails a very powerful and sturdy strategy. You are in a bidding war with your competition and to generate the 20% of business to your website you have to bid efficiently and creatively. You really need to know the context of the users and target them accordingly. Say for an example, if you start comparing the search done for spare parts by an on-the-go user on his mobile device verses a computer search done for spare parts by a user at night while sitting at home, you’ll can know about their context of search.

The first user can look for various vendors of spare parts available online and can probably do several comparisons before actually buying a product. Whereas an on-the-go user maybe in search for a shop/store located in his vicinity.

So, after analyzing the requirements of each of the user, you can optimize your ads accordingly. That means for mobile users, you’ll run mobile ads rather than the ads displayed for the desktop or laptop users. Display of phone number and postal address is now made simpler. And then you can select the time when you want the ads to be seen.

You can schedule your ads according to the 3 factors mentioned already:

  1. Time
    Time does not always mean total number of hours in a day on which you want to get your ad/s displayed. But you can also analyze the best time in a week which is ideal for your campaign. So if you think that there are fewer conversions during the weekends as compared to the week days, you can lower your bids. Wait for at least a week, see the performance of the ads, compare the results, take note of the conversion rate and then see if you further want to increase or decrease the bids (if required).
  2. Location
    Geographic location plays an important role in your bids. Hence, Location Based Bidding option is there for you to choose the specific country or region where you want to get your ads displayed. It can be a particular country, city or region. This means that if you are targeting a local market, you can run your campaign for the local residents in your vicinity. This way, you can reach the specific target group with ease.
  3. Device
    If you are getting more ROI out of your mobile ads, you should rather hook to the mobile medium. There is an option of Mobile Preferred Ad that you need to select on the check box provided.

Enhanced Per per Click Campaigns can help you better utilize your resources and bid to earn more ROI. So unlike the separate campaigns devised for different devices, you can optimize everything at a single platform. In essence, it allows for smart advertising.