If you are a small company and looking to position yourself in front of C level executives or just trying to generate more business for our small company it is important to establish your brand identity online through SEO, Pay per Click and Social Media. Online marketing is still one of the cheapest ways to generate high quality leads and establish credibility. Establishing your brand identity and positioning your brand in front of the innumerous established ones, is rather a difficult job to do. And if you are a startup business, you really need create an effective branding strategy that takes your brand and placing it in front of the right people.

Here are some pointers to help you reach out to business makers within your market.  It involves some very simple steps, i.e.: –

  1. Reaching your target audiencebranding
    Attracting and getting a hold of your target audience is a must. While you can focus on the prospective customers in the long run, in order to accomplish your long term business objectives you need to devise a strategy that revolves around their demands. Don’t forget that you need to position your brand initially and then only you can target different markets.
  2. Advertise
    SEO isn’t the only way to market your company and shouldn’t be the only method used to generate leads. Gorilla marketing has been around for a 100 years and it is because it is effective. Float your ads in print, local newspaper/s, TV channels, radio channels, etc. You can also opt for outdoor advertising, or may plan to sponsor a local event for immediate publicity.  Direct the users to your website for specials, offers or information and you can increase your traffic dramatically. You can even organize a local event or competition that invites visitors’ participation. This is just an endeavor to be seen and get registered in the minds of your prospects.
  3. Go social
    There are plenty of social networking websites developed to help businesses create a social connect with their customers (B2B or B2C). Just figure out which social channel can suit your business and accordingly you can start participating and engaging more and more people.
  4. Create brand advocates
    A Facebook “like” in return for a “like” on your Facebook business page, some percentage off on giving referral business, vouchers and coupons distribution in exchange for specific amount of purchases done, etc.- are some of the best ways to promote a positive word-of-mouth publicity and establish advocates for your brand.
  5. Draft a dialogue
    Finding the rightful place for brand amongst the stalwarts can also be done with the aid of effective promotional content. You may do subtle promotions via blogging, or may indulge in aggressive marketing through sponsored ads, social media interactions, press releases, and the like. Branded content is usually non-promotional that highlights the USPs of your brand in a subtle way.

The type of marketing strategy you plan totally depends on your industry and business objectives. For further consultation, please Contact our online strategists.