We have come across people struggling to find a positive ROI from their Pay Per Click campaign or struggling to see if it is generating a positive ROI. Most companies we talk to say the phone rings more when they do it, but they don’t understand the amount of impressions they are generating from Pay per click. So, if you are a company rejoicing and making more money with your PPC campaign, or you are the company that does PPC and the phone doesn’t ring, you should analyze and evaluate the performance of your ads to come to a conclusion.google adwords

There are situations when even a strong campaign begins to take a back seat which may result in- low CTRs, high CPCs, decreased conversion rate leading to low or nil ROI. The situation seems worse than the worst nightmare that you might have ever experienced and you are throwing away a ton of money in the meantime.  Let Noxster give you a free audit to see if we can save you money, increase the efficiency on the same spend, or allow you to better understand how to generate more traffic through Pay Per Click Services.

Here are a couple easy tips to handle the situation.

  1. The keywords
    The effectiveness of PPC ads depends on what kind of keywords you choose. Choice of keywords can be the same as your competitors; however the success story of your ad depends on the bids. And as you know that the content/ text of your ad/s can be the same as your competitor, so just ensure that the quality score of the keywords and their relevancy is good. Re-direction to the relevant and right landing page is also very important.
  2. Synchronize everything
    There can be a situation when you are just getting the impressions but no clicks. This means that there is something wrong with your ad. As in, the visitors aren’t connecting to it; perhaps it’s not properly drafted. Then there can be a situation when you are getting the impressions and clicks but a low conversion rate. This may mean that your ad position may be quite low, i.e. lower than that of your competitors. And if you are getting the impressions and clicks but no conversion, there could be a problem with your landing page. Perhaps the offers or price displayed in the ad isn’t available on the landing page, or the like.
  3. Different geographies
    You may try to customize your ad and split it for different geographies and regions. For example: – you may want to target the working professionals in the Unites States, scattered in Maryland, Florida, Texas, etc. So you can automatize your ad to be displayed as per the specific time zone and of people of different countries/ regions. This way you can easily find out the regions from where you are getting the highest traffic and ROI. Evaluate your ad score using Google Analytics and see if you need any edits.

The aforesaid are some of the basic essentials to be monitored to combat a sudden drop in the performance of your PPC campaign. However, if the problem still persists or if there are unavoidable dangers, then you should delve deeper to find out- what went wrong???

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