Imagine that you are with friends and after few hours you guys begin to feel hungry. The place is quite unknown to you and you aren’t familiar with the eating joints close by. In this situation, you would either ask a local or you may search for the best restaurant within the vicinity.

Ok, now here is another situation for you. Your handset has stopped working smoothly and has started causing problems, and now you need to buy a new device. What will you do? Naturally, you would turn to the web to research for various options available in the market. Those online include- reading online, consult your family and friends, or simply ask for suggestions on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.  Thanks to social networking websites we are able to get reputable advice at the tip of our fingers. Between search and social we are able to instantly interact and attract a lot of users.

Both these examples exemplify the importance of promoting your business online. Since, a large percentage of customers prefer to do online searches, it is essential for you to develop a strong online presence. You should be visible on all search engines and on every device- PCs, laptops and handhelds. And if you don’t do this, your competitors will be found before you.

A strong online presence calls for a thoughtful SEO strategy. First, you need to have a website and second, your website needs to be fully optimized. Right keywords, proper meta tags, quick loading speed, smooth navigation structure, relevant content- are some of the basic search engine optimization techniques used.

Engaging within the social community is also a great way to generate the unexpected leads. Having a good reputation only enhances with a good Social Media and SEO presence. Online marketing services are key to drive business. If your business is doing well without it, can you imagine how good you would do with it?

Paying for PPC ads, Facebook ads, or maybe having your presence on Google places isn’t enough. No doubt that these activities are important and result oriented, however for long term online visibility you need to opt for search engine optimization services.

Remember- SEO is a standalone activity but if you are willing to spend money in PPC ads or SMO activities, you can truly enhance your Online Marketing presence.