The most scrutinized aspect of SEO is the concept of link building. Link building was single handedly one of the biggest reasons why a website ranked on the search engines. Then the google panda and penguin came to prevent spammy links to be being built.

As Google continues to upda
te their algorithm link building is getting more and more complicated. A lot of companies are scared to continue to link build because they have been hit with the penalty. So what is the truth? The truth is Matt Cutt’s came out and said only 12% of the companies got a link building penalty in the year 2012.

What is a Link and How Important Is Link Building Still?

To break it down for you a backlink is a link on someone else’s web page that directs back to your page. The more links or friends you have online the more popular you rank within a respected search engine.

Linking is so important, Google continually mentions it in their doctorial theses, “The Anatomy of a Search Engine”.

Can you build too many links?

One of the biggest anxieties when choosing a SEO strategy is over utilizing a linking strategy. Above is a video from the director of spam at Google Matt Cutts outlining this exact topic?

As he says in the education video above, there is no such thing as building to many links. But what you should be concerned about is obtaining high quality links, to compliment the volume you are generating. Making sure that each link has the appropriate anchor text is on of the most crucial elements in a link building strategy.

Link Building for SEO?

There are many different link building strategies that you can implement to generate success online. The most important aspect before you start generating links to your website is figuring out what keywords you want to embed into the backlink. The link with your keyword in it, gives you two votes on confidence in the eye of the search engine. Keep in mind when you are building links it is always good to complement it with a blog. Blogging is a natural and organic way to get higher link popularity online.

Link Quality or Volume?

At Noxster our campaign is very diverse. Without completely giving away the strategy we focus our attention on building high quality backlinks by hand. We have over 8 different varaitions of a linking strategy with over 4 different quality control aspects. The more diverse linking strategy you have the more natural and organic your website looks within the eyes of the search engine. Having a Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets link back to you is also becoming essential in generating #1 ranking online.

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