As this year’s comes to an end, Google is still releasing more information regarding the webmaster message that you probably received in January or February of 2012. In a recent video by Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts said that roughly 90% of those messages are related to black hat issues not link building penalties. Only 3% of the messages sent out in that time frame have anything to do with a link notification.  If you got this message chances are your SEO rankings were affected and saw a sudden decrease in traffic.

This video was Google’s way of responding to those entire bogus reports on the web regarding link building. If you hired a SEO Company within that time period and you got a warning or a notice of any kind it was more than likely that they were doing a black hat tactic.

The common number that is being thrown around is the 700,000. Google sent out roughly 700,000 messages to webmasters. Matt went on to say that only 2,500 of the 700,000 were link related whereas 600,000 were black hat related.
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Watch the full video Below: