Are you looking for ways to increase your traffic through outside the box ideas?  At Noxster we increased our visitors by over 100% in one day. How did we do it? All we used was one social platform,  a Press Release, and our company Blog. It is that simple.

Like every other SEO Company we gain traffic by our own SEO, PPC, and other online marketing tactics. Those are the fundamentals we have used to increase our visitors to grow our business, but sometimes it is the most simplistic ideas that can increase your traffic. You don’t always have to be ultra-creative to gain visitors; it’s as simple as providing good content. By taking that information and supplying through the correct platforms can give you a better chance to make a conversion through your website.  On Monday the 11th we increased our traffic for the day by over 100%.

Here is how it happened.

  1. On 11/6 we finished and launched ISG’s website.
  2. 11/7/2012 we decided to do a press release and our copywriters went to work.
  3. On Thursday 11/8 it got approved to launch and we submitted it to PRNewsWire.
  4. First thing Friday morning 11/9 our press release was submitted.
  5. By Monday 11/12 our press release was picked up by 146 business journals and yahoo finance.
  6. Monday 11/12 9:00 AM. We did a blog about our success making it to Yahoo Finance and submitted it to Stumble Upon
  7. On Tuesday 11/13 we checked our analytics and noticed the blog got stumbled upon over 68 times and increased our traffic by over 100%.

Take a look at our Analytics:

It is as easy as that. Within 2 business days we generated 100’s of visitors to our website that would not have normally found us. It wasn’t by luck, nor was it does to our SEO or keywords that we have been ranking for. It was by taking an everyday task and telling the world about an accomplishment.  When thinking of ways to increase traffic, don’t make it so complicated. Sometimes the easiest way to gain traffic is right in front of your eye.