As of last Friday Google has made a significant update that has affected 2.4% of all search queries including our own. Google announced an exact match domain update that removed the chances of low-quality exact match domains from ranking well on Google. A ton of non-exact match domain site owners also witnessed their rankings drop as well.

This was a new algorithm update. Google informed the world that this new update affects about 2.4% of English queries. The chance that a company notices these changes, minimal.  Matt Cutt’s said only .6% of companies will probably even notice the update. He took to his twitter to make the announcement:

A good example of this is if you were to buy a domain such as for the sole purpose to rank for that keyword. These exact match domains may no longer rank as high in Google’s search results. Exact match domains mean domains that match exactly for the search query.

This doesn’t mean they are not able to rank. For instance for the keyword SEO Company and SEO services there are still websites that rank with the name in the url and were not affected by the change. Our guess is that this algorithm takes into consideration when the domain was bought and how old it is.

This is to prevent companies in the future to buy up domains just too simply get the keyword density within the URL.

For more information call our SEO firm to see if you have been affected.