Companies don’t realize how important testing your website is for converting more business online. Testing how your website converts can drastically increase the amount of business your website does.  Even the smallest onsite changes can turn into big gains. We found a great article done by DMU that goes into detail how minor changes resulted into big gains for a client.

DMU conducted a test during the holiday season on a shopping cart to see how it would affect sales.

 website performance test

As you can see DMU created two different boxes that users saw when checking out of the website.  The multi-variable test focused in on seven different elements: search box highlight, search outline, search look, search color, search term, search term copy and the overall feel to the cart look.

*It is important to note these are just two of the more than 2,000 combinations they tried.

If you notice Version A had the keyword described within the search field, a spy glass search button, and a cart icon with words “your cart” next to it.

Version B had has the word search over the empty search box, an arrow for the search button, and the word “cart” for the shopping icon.

So which version did better?

According to DMU Version A outsold Version B by double digits!

These small differences show you how important it is to test a website at all times. Even if you are converting at a high level having a multi variant testing strategy in place will help you increase your online business.

This particular test focused its attention on small details that most people would consider to be insignificant. There are a couple of reasons why Version A may have outperformed Version B. Version A may have done better due to its more traditional design. It is possible people are just more familiar with the look and feel to the way the search box and cart looked, which offered more credibility.

While Version B is more modern, it might be to new for its own good. If you don’t know how to do this type of testing, or you are looking for a professional SEO Company who focuses not only on ranking but conversion, give Noxster a call today.

It is important to know how your website converting. If your bounce rate is high it might be time for a redesign or a brand new website. 

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