Noxster utilizes a ton of different outlets to stay up to date with internet marketing data regarding online marketing solutions. Our identity is not solely search engine optimization, but being an online advertising  agency. With that being said HubSpot was nice enough to send an interesting email regarding inbound marketing statistics. Below are the 7 statistics about the state of the internet marketing world. Hope you find them helpful.

1) 91% of online adults use social media regularly. (Source: Experian) If this isn’t proof that social media is fully integrated into our culture, think again. Make sure you integrate a social media strategy into your marketing strategy.

2) 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there. (Source: Ipsos) This stat tells you that people are very interested in what other people buy. Having a high following on Facebook can help you increase your business.

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3) 17% of the top 1000 search terms on Twitter “churn over” on an hourly basis. (Source: Twitter) Twitter is updates news faster than any news outlet in the world. The more you public your deals and specials the more you will appeal to twitter verse.

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4) U.S. consumers send 2.304 trillion text messages per year, up from 2.052 trillion in 2010. (Source: CTIA) That is a ton of text messages. If you are marketing towards a specific demographic, consider utilizing a text message opt-in as part of your campaigns.

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5) YouTube users watch more than 3B hours of video per month. (Source: YouTube) We have blogged a lot lately about how important video is becoming. Video impacts a majority of the online community, but it’s different than the other two social media venues. When integrating VSEO into your search engine optimization strategy be sure to consider not only production value, but length. Most successful online videos are one to two min long.

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6) 61% of emails received at professional email accounts are non-essential. (Source: Mimecast) Email marketing is one solution that Noxster doesn’t currently offer but that doesn’t make it any less important. Inboxes are overflowing with marketing material. Make sure you personalize each email to show you care and it’s not your everyday clutter.

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7) The click-through rate on triggered messages is 119% higher than “Business as Usual” messages. (Source: Epsilon and DMA) We will quote hubspot on this one, “Using personalized and timely lead nurturing with marketing automation is an important strategy for improving the overall performance of your email marketing and customer generation.”

And a stat that they didn’t mention:

8) Search Engine optimization receives 80% of the clicks VS Pay Per click Advertising. Utilizing a SEO Company is still the cheapest form of advertising vs. radio, commercials, radio ads, and even pay per click.

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