Yahoo AxisJust when you thought Google was a monopoly, Yahoo has come out with a new search concept that is very impressive. Yahoo “Axis” offers just that. Newly unveiled, Axis is a new browser tool designed to enhance its search.

Initially Axis is only offered as an App for Apple devises such as your iPhone and IPad. Axis is also available on desktops as an add-on feature. Axis is compatible for browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Explorer, and Safari. This will make your mobile website even more important.

Ethan Batraski, Yahoo special project director, announced Yahoo’s intentions with Axis, stating that it will, “set out to completely re-think and re-design how users search and browse the web.

The actual concept of providing a link to portray a result might become outdated. Axis displays thumbnail images of the web page results instead of displaying a list of links like Google

 Yahoo Axis

Special features include: bookmark and sync that offers a seamless user experience. The search session are synced across each devise you own and operate. This allows you to read an article or website on the way to work, bookmark it, and then read it on your tablet or computer.

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ipad AxisThe reviews seem to be positive according to CNET’s Rafe Needleman, “Mobile is where the action is, so it makes sense that Yahoo threw the bulk of its development love into the tablet and smartphone versions.”

He continued, “On the IPad, Axis is simply a great browser. The integrated search feature is intuitive, and being able to move through search results without having to go back to search makes sense. After only a few minutes using it I thought, why hasn’t Google done this yet? It’s that good.”

The one thing you will also notice is initially there are no paid ads. Companies cannot pay for placement which will only increase the value of your SEO for the search engine. It will be very interesting to see how Yahoo will monetize it.