Google announces through their Google Blog, that Google Drive is real and it’s coming soon.

What does this mean?

This means you can access your files anywhere.  Business or pleasure whatever you are working on with other people you can access in real time. Why is this important?

Sharing has become a whole lot easier. Whether you are working on spreadsheets, photos, videos, presentations, or excel files, you can make changes on the go.

The best part is that you can make the changes on any devise you choose.  Google Drive works on smartphones, IPads, and computers.

One standout feature according to

“One interesting feature of the service is smart tagging, which allows you to tag items stored on your drive. So if you’ve uploaded a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge to your drive, the next time you perform a search for the bridge, your photo will show up along with other results. “

Image Recognition:

The Google Drive uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which means the drive can also recognize text within documents. Whatever you scan into the drive, you can now find. Any image that has an alt text will properly pop up.

So how much is this going to cost you?

25GB Google Drive- $2.49 a month

100GB Google Drive- $4.99 a month

1TB Google Drive- $49.99 a month

To learn more watch the video below: